Mom Time

Mom Time…when & where do I find it?

About a month ago, my husband got put on graveyard shift until Sept. It’s taking a toll on me. I have NO time to myself. When I get home from work, I have a 13 yr old, 11 yr old & 3 month old to take care of. No, the 13 yr old & 11 yr old are not able to take care of themselves.

On my husband’s days off, the kids are either at their bio mom’s house or at school.

I try & use my workout time as my “me” time, but my 11 yr old son likes to go running with me & I want to encourage that activity. Plus it’s time for me & him to be together & just have fun.

But…I’m desperate for some “me” time. But I don’t have the funds to go do anything or take my kids to a sitter.

What do you do for “me” time? How do you find the time for it?

No More Soda

I’ve got to get serious about my training again. Part of that means eating better. Half of that battle is getting my family on board with that.

Because my husband works graveyards and I have a baby at home that still doesn’t sleep through the night, caffeine is our BEST friend. We usually reach for a can of soda. Well, starting today, no more carbonation for me. I’m putting my foot down.

No soda

No more soda for me.

Instead I will enjoy a hot cup of coffee every morning. So, now that it’s on my blog, I HAVE to do it and be held accountable for it, correct?

Cup of Joe

So, since it’s on my blog, that means I have to stick to it and be held accountable for it, right?

Do you drink soda? What about coffee?


I’m already trying to set goals to keep me motivated to do my workouts.

Back in 2013 I did my first 1/2 Ironman and I LOVED it. My ultimate goal is to do a full Ironman.

I hope I’m not being too optimistic, but I feel like I’m bouncing back to running and biking fairly well, after not doing it for almost a year. So, I’m thinking in 2017 I want to do the St. George 70.3 and then in 2018 attempt my first Ironman (not sure which one).

I’ve got plenty of time to train for both races. But, it was brought up last night, that it does take A LOT of time to train for a 1/2 and full Ironman. My friend compared it to having a second job for 3-4 months. With currently having a 2 1/2 month old in the house, am I being unrealistic about wanting to do a 1/2 Ironman next year? I’ve held down 2 jobs at once before and our family seems to do ok. Do we like it? No. But it’s what we had to do at the time, so we did it.

I brought this up to my husband last night and he said ok, but I’m not sure he fully understands the time commitment it will take.

What are your thoughts/opinions on all of this? Have you trained for a 70.3 or 140.6 with small children at home?

Taking It to the Streets

Yesterday I had my first run outside in over a year. It took ALOT for me to get out there.

As I’ve said in earlier posts I deal with anxiety & depression. I take meds that help control it, but sometimes a certain incident will trigger it & I’ll have a TERRIBLE anxiety attack. That happened yesterday about 3:30 p.m.

Lately I’ve been running on the treadmill at my apartment complex to help with my speed. I find that is the best way to build my speed. But with my anxiety yesterday, the treadmill just wasn’t an option.

My anxiety yesterday felt like it paralyzed me. All I could do was lie in bed & cover my whole body with a blanket & cry & move my legs like with restless leg syndrome. I knew that working out would help my anxiety, but getting past the anxiety & out the door was a whole different story.

I posted on Facebook about how I was having an anxiety attack & I got all sorts of encouragement. Thank you to all that provided it. But one person that gave me encouragement is what got me out the door.

My friend Dave is currently in a rehab center because a couple of weeks ago he was diagnosed with Guillan-Barre Syndrome. He lost ALL strength in his legs. He’s basically having to learn to walk again. He posts about his progress & everything on Facebook daily & he is SO positive about the whole situation. He commented on my post last night & gave me words of encouragement. It was like a light bulb went off in my head. If he can be positive & get through GB Syndrome, I can get through this anxiety attack & go run. And that’s exactly what I did.

It happened to be my best run so far since coming back. I ran 3 miles at a 12:20 pace. There were 2 killer hills on my route too. I’ve still got LOTS of room to improve, but I’m doing better than I thought I would be.

Do you get anxiety attacks? If so, how do you deal/cope with them?

Back In the Saddle

Literally & figuratively, I’m back in the saddle again. This happened tonight:


Tomorrow will be 8 wks since I gave birth & my c section incision STILL isn’t healed (but that’s another post). But I finally got the okay from my doctor to start doing lower body workouts.

I REALLY want to run, but the doc said that while my incision is still healing that’s a no go. But I can go walking & ride my bike on the trainer. So that’s exactly what I did tonight.

I rode my bike for 30 min. Until my incision is completely healed I will max my workouts out at 30 min. I kept my bike in one of the easiest gears & it wore me out. I’ve got a LOOOOONG ways to go to get back to where I was pre-baby.

When I got done with the 30 min, I was tired, sweaty, weak & shakey, but you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m so glad to be back in the saddle!


This picture doesn't do it justice, but I l was SO sweaty & tired.

E’s Birth Story

It’s been almost 7 weeks, and I’m finally getting around to typing up E’s birth story. Life has been crazy to say the least.

So, my due date was January 30, 2016. All of my doctor appointments leading up to it, I had only dilated to 1 cm. It was super frustrating. I went in for my first Non-Stress Test on February 1st.

I remember, my husband was supposed to go in to work that day, but he just had a “feeling” that he shouldn’t. So, at 8:30 a.m., we headed to the doctor to have the non-stress test.

They hooked me up to the monitors & E’s heart rate was doing good, but it wasn’t accelerating like it was supposed to. They even tried to get him to react to noise, but he just wasn’t having it. So, they sent me down to labor & delivery to be monitored.

I knew something was up when they put us in a labor & delivery room & not a triage room. All the other times I’d gone to labor & delivery, they put me a triage room. This time they put me in a L&D Room 10 (My lucky #).

The nurse came in and said “So, it looks like we’re inducing you today.” That was news to us. We thought we were just going down to be monitored. So, she double checked & came back & said yes we were being induced.

They decided to induce me using a Foley Bulb. They inserted the foley bulb at 11:00 a.m. and said they’d leave it in until 11 pm and if it hasn’t fallen out by itself, which it usually does by the time you reach 5 cm, then they take it out.

Shortly after they put the foley bulb in, I got a call from the nurse at my doctor’s office. My next appointment was supposed to be that Thursday & they called to see if I wanted to move my appointment to Wednesday. I informed them that I was down in labor & delivery right then and we all had a good giggle because the nurses & doctors had forgot to inform my doctor that they were inducing me. Lol.

We called my dad to let him know he’d need to pick up the older 2 kids from school & spend the night with them because we were going to have a baby. They brought them by that night though just to say hi really quick.

I decided around 8 pm that night that I wanted to get an epidural. The pain wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, but if I was going to get ANY sleep that night so that I’d have the energy to push this kid out I was going to need to have some pain relief.

I didn’t have to wait long for the anesthesiologist to come in and the process of getting the epidural wasn’t that bad. I was numb enough to not feel the contractions any more, but I didn’t feel like dead weight on the bed either.

At 11 pm they came & took the foley bulb out and I was dilated to a 4. I was excited because I thought I was actually getting somewhere. They didn’t check me again until 1 a.m.

At this point I had gotten maybe 30-45 min of sleep. The hospital beds are terribly uncomfortable. The nurse had a hard time determining how far dilated I was because my cervix was really high, so she had the resident doctor come in. I was still dilated to a 4, so they decided to break my water. WEIRDEST. FEELING. EVER.

At one point they had me lay on my side & put one of my legs up in the stirrup because the baby wasn’t tolerating me being on my back.

They kept checking me about every 2 hours. At about 6 a.m., the nurse said I was at 5 cm. I was really getting my hopes up. Then at shift change and about 8 a.m., my doctor came in & she checked me and said nope, I was still at 4 cm. What a blow! That really depressed me.

By 11:00 a.m., I was still dilated to 4 cm. My doctor said I could keep going if I wanted to, but by this time I was physically & emotionally exhausted. I wanted this to be done with. So, we went in for a c-section.

The anesthesiologist came back in, and it was the same guy. He up’d my epidural and wheeled me off to the OR. It is SO weird being numb so much. I laid there on the operating table and it felt like one of my legs was bent at the knee, but my husband assured me that both of my legs were flat down on the table. They actually tie down your legs so that they don’t just fall off the table or anything.

At 12:19 p.m. I had my baby boy! He was 7 lbs 11 oz and 18 1/2 inches long. I remember when they told me how much he weighed I asked them “Are you sure?” because we all thought I was going to have a bigger baby.

The reason I wasn’t dilating more and I would’ve probably had to go in for a c-section eventually was because the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck. He came out kind of blue and it took him a minute to pink up and actually cry.

When they were tying off my tubes and sewing me back up, my husband came walking over with the baby. E was already hungry! He was fussing, so the only thing my husband could do was put his finger in the baby’s mouth & he just sucked away.

Once they wheeled me back to recovery I got to have 1 hour of skin to skin time with my baby. That was the most precious time. I absolutely loved it!

After skin to skin time, they wheeled me up to the 2nd floor where I stayed for 3 more days & then I was ready to bail on the place.

I’ll try & do additional posts about the rest of my time in the hospital & what has been going on since. In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures.


Skin to skin.jpg

Skin to skin time with mommy

Baby E.jpg

Rant from a Pregnant Lady

Hello there! Long time no talk/see! Sorry, this whole pregnancy & work thing takes up ALOT of time.

As of right now I’m 35 1/2 weeks. Due date is Jan 30, but baby could come any time now. I’m measuring about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. My next doctor appointment is on Jan 5th & that’s when they’ll start checking me to see if I’m dilating or effacing at all.

I’m praying this baby comes early. The sooner the better. But at the same time, I want him to be healthy. I’ve now been taken off my anxiety meds so that when I do deliver, the baby is more alert, etc. But I tell you what…it’s tough dealing with my anxiety. It’s really taking it’s toll on me. My poor husband is having to deal with it too.

One thing that is driving me INSANE is when I tell people this is my FIRST & my LAST pregnancy, they always feel the need to add “oh you’ll change your mind after you have this baby”. Oh no I won’t.

First off, my husband & I have talked about it to great lengths. We are both getting older, which makes everything harder. He will be 44 next year & I just turned 36. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying 36 is old because it’s not. When it comes to child bearing age though, it is. Plus, if we were to have another kid, I’d want to wait 2 years, which would put me at 38 & my husband at 46 & that’s just no. Like my husband said “I don’t want to be in diapers the same time my kid is.” Plus, having kids is EXPENSIVE. I can’t afford it. Plus, this pregnancy has been hard. It’s been the longest 9 months of my life. All through the 1st & 2nd trimester I was SO sick. I know the end result will be worth it, but I don’t want to have to go through it again.

So…with that being said…if a woman ever tells you this is her first & last pregnancy & she’s dead serious about it…for the love of all that is good & holy, please don’t question her decision. If she’s anything like me, she’s thought long & hard about it.

Have a great day!