National Pancake Day

I love stupid little holidays like this. I think they’re so fun to celebrate. So when i found out today was National Pancake Day, we changed up the dinner menu & had pancakes for dinner.


I learned to make awesome pancakes from my dad, along with the homemade maple syrup that topped them off.

The only downer about making pancakes is, as you can see from the picture above, i ended up having to use 2 different pans. The griddle SUCKS because it is heated by the burners on the stove. The back 3 pancakes are sitting on the griddle that is heated by a small burner & it doesn’t heat the griddle up enough to cook the pancakes. So, really, the griddle will only cook 2 pancakes at a time. #Lame.

So i switched to a larger skillet we have. It’s not much better, it can only cook 3 pancakes at a time. But it gets the job done.

I wish i could afford an electric skillet. We had one growing up & when my dad would make pancakes, he could make 6 at a time. But, even if i could afford an electric griddle, i have no counter space in my kitchen. I have the world’s smallest kitchen.

Anyways…back to pancakes. I had to call my dad when i made these pancakes because they turned out super fluffy & my dad was complaining the other day that when he makes pancakes they’re not fluffy any more.

With all that being said, i hope everyone had a wonderful National Pancake Day!

Did you celebrate National Pancake Day?

Friday the 13th

So maybe one month ago, the boyfriend sent me an email of a link to a contest a local radio station was putting on. The contest was that they were going to marry 13 couples on Friday, February 13th.

I didn’t enter it because i knew the boyfriend was kind of gun shy towards marriage because of his last marriage, which i completely understand.

I did respond to the email though & told him that i think it’d be awesome if he wanted to enter it, but i left it at that.
Fast forward to February 3rd. I was at work & on a potty break & i get a text from him saying “Call me asap”.

So i called him, but told him to keep it brief because i had to get back to work.
Him: You know that contest i emailed you a couple weeks ago?
Me: Uh, no. Which contest?
Him: The marriage one from KBER.
Me: Oh yea…
Him: Well the lady from the radio station just called & we were picked as one of the couples.

My thoughts…HOLY SHIT! We’re getting married in 10 days. I was SO excited. We’ve been together almost 2 yrs & we’ve talked about marriage, but we wanted to wait until the kids were more stable, etc.

The radio station paid for EVERYTHING but the marriage license. They gave us rings, a cake, a bachelor/bachelorette party, photographer, etc.

I was still slightly overwhelmed because my stepson & now husband rented tux’s, but i didn’t have a dress (that’s another post).

So yea…since Friday, February 13, 2015, I’ve been a married gal. So far, married life is the same as before.

Don’t worry. I will post about finding my dress & the ceremony.

Spoiled Doggy

I’m writing this post so late because i can’t sleep thanks to a 4-legged friend of mine named Tank.

He’s a VERY spoiled dog. Because he is now blind he has some rough nights every now & then. Tonight is one of those nights.

The hubs & i went to bed between 9:30-9:45 pm. Usually Tank gets up on the bed & lies down with us. Not tonight.

He would just bark & bark. So Rob took him outside to go potty. Usually after potty he’ll come in & go to sleep.

Not tonight. He’d just bark & bark.

So i got up & gave him a little bit of food & then took him potty again. He had to go # 2 REALLY bad. I figured after that he’d definitely come in & crash.

Not tonight. He’d just bark & bark & hide under the kitchen table.

So i decided to come & chill out on the couch & so did he. He FINALLY laid down.



Why can’t he lie down on our bed so i can sleep in my bed with my husband?

If we didn’t live in an apartment, i could easily let him bark. But because we share walls with neighbours i can’t really do that.

Well…i better try & catch a little bit of sleep. Good night!

The Brighter the Better

With training for my marathon, my latest pair of shoes has seen a lot of miles. I came home from a run 2 weeks ago & my feet just ached. So i knew it was time to get new shoes.


These are my old Brooks Adrenaline GTS. I LOVE them. I went to Salt Lake Running Co the other day to look for a new pair of shoes. I tried on some Adidas, Saucony & the latest style of Brooks Adrenaline GTS. I REALLY want to like a different brand of shoe. I hear people always talking about Asics & Altra & even Skechers, but i always end up with Brooks.


Much to my surprise, when i opened the shoe box at the store, the shoes were SUPER bright! I LOVED it! I’m a firm believer in the brighter the better!

I started breaking in the shoes today & i tell ya, it was like running on clouds! This is definitely gonna make the rest of my training & the race more pleasant!

Sunday Runday

So, there’s SO much to catch up on. Especially the details from Friday the 13th (that’s a completely different post). But i thought I’d share with you my Sunday run.

Since I’m training for a marathon that’s only 9 weeks away (eeeeeekkkk!!!), my mileage is definitely increasing. I do my long runs on Sun because i work on Sat.

This week i got to run 15 miles. Lately it seems like when i do out & back runs they tend to get overwhelming. So, i just ran out 15 miles on Sunday. I ended up at Liberty Park & then i had Rob come pick me up.

This week’s run was DRASTICALLY different from last week. Last week, i had to run 13.1 miles. Last week i went in to my run knowing i wasn’t properly nutritioned, but i did it any way. Last week i struggled through 13.1 miles in 2:45:05.


This week i ran 15.2 miles in 2:55:00!! I felt strong the entire time! What a difference nutrition makes. I PRd last week’s distance by 13+ minutes! I could’ve kept running on my run if i needed to i felt that good. My feet did hurt by the time i was done…but i just need to break in my new shoes.


I’m so proud of how much better this weekend’s run went compared to last week!

What is your favorite type of nutrition on your long runs?

Busy Tuesday

I’m kind of excited. Today & Sunday was a really weird day for me. They were my first 2 full days off in about a year.


For about the past year I’ve been working two jobs to help support my family. Because of my boyfriend’s line of work, we both decided it would be easier if i got a second job than if he did. And i was ok with that.

For the first little while i was working 2 part time jobs & then in Oct of last year i got a full time job, so i was working my full & part time job. There were weeks i was working between 60-70 hrs a week.

I missed out on A LOT of family activities because i was working two jobs.

A couple months ago i switched my schedule at my part time job so that i was only working between 12-15 hrs a week.

But now, my full time job keeps switching my schedule around & not giving me enough time to tell my other employer before the schedule is out & all that good jazz.

It’s not fair for me to keep going to my part time job & at the last minute trying them i can’t work the day’s they’ve scheduled me because i found out last week that my full time job changed my schedule.

Plus, i think we are at a financial point where we really don’t need that extra money. Will we be sitting comfortably financially? No. But we will make ends meet.

So, now i have every Sun & Tues off. It’s kind of nice to sleep in & not have to worry about another job.