Running Rant

Ok, so I had a conversation on Facebook the other day & it just kind of irritated me. 

I’ve got an acquaintance that just had major surgery & got her first run in since surgery. Knowing how hard it is to get back to running after surgery I commented “Girl, if you need a running partner, give me a holler, I’d be happy to go with you!” You know, it would help with accountability, etc. She replied back with “Maybe when I’m faster…” I responded saying I’m far from being fast, the last time I ran, I ran a 13:45 mile. She proceeded to say I was a speed demon because she’s running like a 14:30 mile right now. 

Now, why can’t others see that dude, if it meant having a running partner I’d run a 14:30 pace. Speed shouldn’t stop people from running together. It wouldn’t kill someone who runs a 10:00/mile to slow down to run with someone who runs a 12:00/mile. 

I’ve never found a runner that is willing to slow down to run with someone else. Have you? I find that very sad. I find it sad also that a slower runner doesn’t want a running partner until they get faster. 

Aren’t we all in this to help better each other? 


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