Feeling Thankful

I know it’s not quite the 4th of July yet, but I had a really cool experience the other day.

I was raised in to a very patriotic family. Both of my parents served in the military. My mom served in the United States Army and my dad served in the United States Air Force. Even both of my grandfathers served in the military as well. Therefore, the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. It ranks higher than Christmas for me.

Well, the other day I was up at the Veterans Hospital helping my dad pick my mom up to go home after having back surgery and I had a pretty cool, humbling experience.

My dad was in the room helping my mom get dressed and I had my 1 year old with me. He was getting rather bored, so I put him in his stroller and we walked the halls for about 30-45 minutes. I stopped and talked with one nurse and she asked what my son’s name was and I said it was “E” and we had a fun conversation and then we went on our way. Then, we were circling around by my mom’s room again and the following conversation took place:

Mystery Person: “Hey E!”
Me: Did you hear someone call your name Buddy?
Mr Black: “Yea, Mr. Black did!”
So, we walked in to Mr. Black’s room, he happened to be in the room right next to my mom. Here sat an older gentleman in his hospital bed, with 2 containers of urine sitting on his table waiting for the nurse to come take it & Mr. Black carried on a conversation with my 1 year old. When we walked in to that room, Mr. Black’s face just lit up. He asked how old E was and how big he was. I told him that E was almost 17 months old and weighed in at 30 lbs. He commented on how cute he was and that he was going to grow up to be a linebacker (Probably will be, lol). I don’t remember exactly what led to ending the conversation, but then I thanked Mr. Black for his service to our country & left the room.

As we were standing in Mr. Black’s room and visiting with him, I just got this overwhelming feeling that Mr. Black doesn’t get visitors and I find that terribly sad. There was another gentleman a couple of doors down farther, Mr. Peacock (it sounds like I’m naming people from the board game Clue) and he had his wife there and he was actually getting released that day too. But it absolutely breaks my heart that Mr. Black doesn’t seem to get visitors.

I’m glad my son though, who is 16 months old, and even though he doesn’t know the kind of impact he has on people, was able to bring a smile to Mr. Black’s day yesterday.

I’m so glad that my parents are the ones that watch E while my husband and I work. E has had MANY opportunities to go up to the Veterans Hospital since he’s been born, since my mom has quite the health problems. I’m glad that my little boy has always been able to put a smile on these folks faces.


Running Rant

Ok, so I had a conversation on Facebook the other day & it just kind of irritated me. 

I’ve got an acquaintance that just had major surgery & got her first run in since surgery. Knowing how hard it is to get back to running after surgery I commented “Girl, if you need a running partner, give me a holler, I’d be happy to go with you!” You know, it would help with accountability, etc. She replied back with “Maybe when I’m faster…” I responded saying I’m far from being fast, the last time I ran, I ran a 13:45 mile. She proceeded to say I was a speed demon because she’s running like a 14:30 mile right now. 

Now, why can’t others see that dude, if it meant having a running partner I’d run a 14:30 pace. Speed shouldn’t stop people from running together. It wouldn’t kill someone who runs a 10:00/mile to slow down to run with someone who runs a 12:00/mile. 

I’ve never found a runner that is willing to slow down to run with someone else. Have you? I find that very sad. I find it sad also that a slower runner doesn’t want a running partner until they get faster. 

Aren’t we all in this to help better each other? 

Workout Update & Motivation

I’ve been really upset and depressed lately that I didn’t get to do Ragnar. I know, that sounds so trivial, but being overweight and seeing all my friends on Facebook talk about how they’ve been doing all these races and how they did Ragnar and how much fun it was, has really had me depressed. So, lately, my back has been feeling ok. The herniated disc hasn’t been giving me any pain, etc. So, last night, I really didn’t feel like doing a normal Beachbody workout, so I decided to go down to my apartment gym and try & run/walk on the treadmill.


Well, that lasted about 13 minutes/0.9 miles and then the treadmill BROKE!!! If you look at the picture I took, you can tell the treadmill already has issues and needs to be serviced. The belt isn’t centered, therefore it skips (if that’s the right word to use). But at 0.9 miles, the treadmill just shut down. It was like someone went and unplugged it, but it wasn’t unplugged. So…off I went to the elliptical trainer.


I was able to make it so when I was on the elliptical I was keeping the same pace I was as if I were on the treadmill. I normally am not a fan of the elliptical, but I didn’t really have a choice last night. I was sweating bullets and got a decent workout in. But, the GUESS WHAT? My feet did NOT fall asleep during my workout last night. I ended up going 3.07 miles and my feet didn’t fall asleep AT ALL. You know what that means, right? That means the epidural shot in my back and the physical therapy for my herniated disc are working. Yay!!!! I will take it easy, but I’m going to start running again.

I think I needed this break from running to give myself some perspective. When I tried running earlier this year, it was all about my pace and how fast I was running etc. Last night, I didn’t care how fast I was running or anything. I was just glad to be out there doing it.

While I was on the elliptical, I texted my husband to send me some motivation and here are some of my favorite motivation pictures I got from him:


I think my favorite is the giraffe/lion one!

Do you have a favorite motivational poster you’d like to share?

Ragnar & Epic Relays

Today my husband, my son & i packed stuff up to go fishing at East Canyon Reservoir. Fishing here is stirring up alot of memories & it’s making me really depressed. 

You see, East Canyon is a major exchange between van 2 & 1 for the Ragnar Wasatch Back.

If you’re unfamiliar with what Ragnar or the Epic Cache-Teton Relays are, let me enlighten you. 

The Ragnar Wasatch back is a 220 mile, 36 hr relay run through the Wasatch Mountain Range. You usually have a team of 12 runners. If you have 6 runners, you’re considered an “ultra” team. I’ve always wanted to have an ultra team. 

The Epic Cache-Teton Relay is the same type of race, except it goes from Logan, Utah to Teton Village in Jackson, Wyoming. The views throughout this run are breathtaking. The views of the Grand Teton National Forest are beautiful!!

What i like most about these races are the camraderie between you & the others on your team & other teams. You’re having so much fun, you forget you havent showered or slept in 2 days. I just dont know how else to describe it. 

I didn’t see any runners as we were driving to go fishing. But i saw the directional signs & i saw the 1 mile to go sign. I just miss it. 

Sadly, i can’t even run right now. I can’t run because i’ve got that herniated disc in my back & because of that, it makes my feet go numb after running about 1 1/2 miles. 😦

Maybe i can run both these races next year. The company i work for sponsors a team for both of these races. 

I’m almost to the point that i say “screw it” to my back & start running again any ways & just get used to running with numb feet. 

I might have to do that because there’s a sprint triathlon i want to do on Nov 4. And if i’m gonna do it i need to start training now. 

Oh, & the only fish that was caught while we were fishing today was caught by my husband. 

Just Keep Swimming

I’ve been doing aqua therapy for my back & it REALLY makes me miss the pool. 

When i was training for triathlons, i was in the pool 3 times a week. It made for alot of early mornings & really late nights. But that’s where i felt confident…in the pool. 

I ALWAYS got compliments from other swimmers. The older ladies that were there for water aerobics always said something to me. “Wow, you were swimming non-stop, how far did you go?”, “i could never do that”, “You sure swim fast”.

One time i swam 2.4 miles (the length you swim in a full Ironman) in the pool just to see if i could do it. It took me about 90 min. 

I would LOVE to get back to swimming on a regular basis again, but it’s just not in the cards right now. At the local county recreation center, it costs $5 admission every time you go & the yearly membership is about $300. Unfortunately i just can’t afford it right now. Maybe after my husband gets back to work, since he works for another county, tgey offer him a discounted rate for a membership & they offer a payroll deduction too. Then, maybe i can get back in the pool. 

Have you ever done aqua therapy? (It’s kicking my butt.)


Before my son was born, we were very insistent that he would NOT be sleeping in bed with us. Shortly after we came home from the hospital that all changed.

Being a first time mom, I’d get up during the night to get him out of his crib (that was next to our bed) to feed him. I’d sit down in bed to either nurse or bottle feed him and we’d both fall asleep and he just ended up sleeping in our bed.

Well, almost 16 months later…he’s STILL sleeping in our bed. Ugh. I’m SO over it. E is a very restless sleeper. And we have a Cal-King bed and he manages to take over most of it. How a 30 lb, 1 year old manages to take over most of the bed, I’ll never know. Haha!

We’ve tried almost everything to get him to sleep in his crib and nothing has worked. Even when we moved to our new apartment we thought that might help. Nope.

Everybody says to let him cry it out and he’ll only cry for 10-15 minutes and then stop. Hahaha!!! WRONG!!! This kid has cried upwards of 45 minutes and then he’ll fall asleep for an hour, then wake up and cry for another 45 minutes. It really tugs at my heart strings. We finally gave up on the crib.

A couple of weeks ago we bought him a toddler bed. And it’s a fire engine & it even has a light on the top. He still won’t sleep in his bed. I wonder if it’s the mattress because he’ll be sound asleep in my arms and I’ll go lay him down in his bed and as soon as his head touches the bed, he’s wide awake and screaming bloody murder. And it’s not the human touch either. Because he’ll fall asleep in my arms and I’ll lay him on the bed next to me and he’ll stay sound asleep. Plus, there’s some kind of anxiety there too. Because I even curled up in to an almost ball and laid on his toddler bed with him and he’d still just scream and cry.

I think we’re starting to find a solution though. Now that he has his own bedroom, we leave the bedroom door open all the time and put some of his toys in there so that he becomes familiar with the room and going in that room isn’t a bad thing. Plus, for his 1st birthday, his grandma gave him his very own Paw Patrol couch that folds out in to a little bed. We’ve put the toddler bed in my bed with me (my husband is sleeping on the couch right now because of surgery) and once he falls asleep, I lay him on his little couch and he sleeps there. Right now, he’ll only stay there for about 2-3 hours and then it’s game over and he won’t sleep on it any more. So, we’re making progress. Hopefully we’ll be able to transition him to his room soon.

Did you co-sleep with your child? How did you transition them to their own bed?