Workout Update & Motivation

I’ve been really upset and depressed lately that I didn’t get to do Ragnar. I know, that sounds so trivial, but being overweight and seeing all my friends on Facebook talk about how they’ve been doing all these races and how they did Ragnar and how much fun it was, has really had me depressed. So, lately, my back has been feeling ok. The herniated disc hasn’t been giving me any pain, etc. So, last night, I really didn’t feel like doing a normal Beachbody workout, so I decided to go down to my apartment gym and try & run/walk on the treadmill.


Well, that lasted about 13 minutes/0.9 miles and then the treadmill BROKE!!! If you look at the picture I took, you can tell the treadmill already has issues and needs to be serviced. The belt isn’t centered, therefore it skips (if that’s the right word to use). But at 0.9 miles, the treadmill just shut down. It was like someone went and unplugged it, but it wasn’t unplugged. So…off I went to the elliptical trainer.


I was able to make it so when I was on the elliptical I was keeping the same pace I was as if I were on the treadmill. I normally am not a fan of the elliptical, but I didn’t really have a choice last night. I was sweating bullets and got a decent workout in. But, the GUESS WHAT? My feet did NOT fall asleep during my workout last night. I ended up going 3.07 miles and my feet didn’t fall asleep AT ALL. You know what that means, right? That means the epidural shot in my back and the physical therapy for my herniated disc are working. Yay!!!! I will take it easy, but I’m going to start running again.

I think I needed this break from running to give myself some perspective. When I tried running earlier this year, it was all about my pace and how fast I was running etc. Last night, I didn’t care how fast I was running or anything. I was just glad to be out there doing it.

While I was on the elliptical, I texted my husband to send me some motivation and here are some of my favorite motivation pictures I got from him:


I think my favorite is the giraffe/lion one!

Do you have a favorite motivational poster you’d like to share?

It’s Not About the Pace

“It’s not about the pace”…that’s the text I got from my husband during the middle of my run yesterday when I texted him complaining that I was going so slow. 

Ever since having my baby 6 months ago I’ve really struggled with getting back in to shape. I’m finally at a place where I feel I’m being consistent with my workouts, but some days it just feels like my running is NOT improving. Yesterday was one of those days. 

I took off on my run about 4:30 pm. It was hot outside, but I had to go then or I wasn’t going go. I decided I would run down to Wheeler Farm, make 2 loops of the trail & then run back. It equaled 3.16 miles. 

I felt strong on my run to the farm. But my pace wasn’t showing it. Then when I started on the trails, I was just hot. The heat was getting to me. I was slowing down even more.

After the first loop I made a potty break & got more water & sent my husband a text telling him this workout was kicking my ass. That’s when he told me it’s not about the pace. 

That reminded me of something one of the founders of the Idiots Running Club said once. He said it’s not about the pace. It’s about the effort. It’s not your pace that gets you through a 100 mile run. It’s the effort you’ve put in to your training.

I ended my run & had an average pace of 15:32/mile. I know if I do weights more, that will help improve my running. 

My next couple of runs are going to be on the treadmill so I can work on my speed. 

Me vs. Treadmill

The treadmill and I don’t get along. I’ve known this for quite some time. When running on the treadmill, it changes how I run and I end up with shin splints. But, with Utah weather, and with my schedule as it is, sometimes, running outside isn’t an option. So, I made a deal with myself that I would only run on the treadmill once a week. All the other times I need to run, I need to either run outside or I need to use the elliptical trainer (sigh).

Well, I got on the treadmill last night to do my speed work (5 x 3 min at hard pace with 2 min easy between) and about 0.5 miles in to the run, my shins started to hurt. I kept running for a little bit to see if it would get better and the pain would come and go. So, to stay safe, I called it quits at 1 mile.

It’s SO frustrating. I just want to be able to get all of my workouts in. I want to not have to worry about shin splints.

I know one of the reasons I’m starting to get shin splints again is because I need new running shoes. My running shoes have quite a few miles on them. I got them prior to my Half Ironman in June and I’ve put a lot of miles on them preparing for the 70.3 and since then. Too bad I can’t afford a new pair of running shoes right now, huh? A pair of running shoes costs me $110 and then I need to get special inserts for them and those cost $40. Unfortunately, I just don’t have $150 lying around. Not sure what I’m going to do.

In the meantime, I guess the treadmill is out of the question forever, and I’ll be wearing compression socks A LOT and taking ice baths.