Feeling Thankful

I know it’s not quite the 4th of July yet, but I had a really cool experience the other day.

I was raised in to a very patriotic family. Both of my parents served in the military. My mom served in the United States Army and my dad served in the United States Air Force. Even both of my grandfathers served in the military as well. Therefore, the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. It ranks higher than Christmas for me.

Well, the other day I was up at the Veterans Hospital helping my dad pick my mom up to go home after having back surgery and I had a pretty cool, humbling experience.

My dad was in the room helping my mom get dressed and I had my 1 year old with me. He was getting rather bored, so I put him in his stroller and we walked the halls for about 30-45 minutes. I stopped and talked with one nurse and she asked what my son’s name was and I said it was “E” and we had a fun conversation and then we went on our way. Then, we were circling around by my mom’s room again and the following conversation took place:

Mystery Person: “Hey E!”
Me: Did you hear someone call your name Buddy?
Mr Black: “Yea, Mr. Black did!”
So, we walked in to Mr. Black’s room, he happened to be in the room right next to my mom. Here sat an older gentleman in his hospital bed, with 2 containers of urine sitting on his table waiting for the nurse to come take it & Mr. Black carried on a conversation with my 1 year old. When we walked in to that room, Mr. Black’s face just lit up. He asked how old E was and how big he was. I told him that E was almost 17 months old and weighed in at 30 lbs. He commented on how cute he was and that he was going to grow up to be a linebacker (Probably will be, lol). I don’t remember exactly what led to ending the conversation, but then I thanked Mr. Black for his service to our country & left the room.

As we were standing in Mr. Black’s room and visiting with him, I just got this overwhelming feeling that Mr. Black doesn’t get visitors and I find that terribly sad. There was another gentleman a couple of doors down farther, Mr. Peacock (it sounds like I’m naming people from the board game Clue) and he had his wife there and he was actually getting released that day too. But it absolutely breaks my heart that Mr. Black doesn’t seem to get visitors.

I’m glad my son though, who is 16 months old, and even though he doesn’t know the kind of impact he has on people, was able to bring a smile to Mr. Black’s day yesterday.

I’m so glad that my parents are the ones that watch E while my husband and I work. E has had MANY opportunities to go up to the Veterans Hospital since he’s been born, since my mom has quite the health problems. I’m glad that my little boy has always been able to put a smile on these folks faces.



100 Things

I’m currently reading the book Chicken Soup for the Soul. Think Positive. 100 Inspiration Stories about Counting Your Blessings and Having a Positive Attitude. One of the stories in the book talks about how when you’re feeling down and stressed and wondering how you’re going to make ends meet, give yourself the challenge of writing down 100 things to be grateful for. That sounded like a good blog post to me, so here goes (and they are in no particular order):

1. My husband
2. My kids
3. My job
4. Even though we live paycheck to paycheck, we have enough money to get by.
5. My ability to run, swim & bike
6. Keys on Main
7. My blog
8. My dogs
9. My triathlon coach, Kristie
10. My triathlon team, KREndurance
11. Idiots Running Club
12. My anxiety meds
13. My car
14. My washer
15. My dryer
16. My dishwasher
17. The radio
18. My Mom
19. My Dad
20. My brother
21. My sister in law
22. My nephew Carv
23. My nephew Cooper
24. My niece Paula
25. My niece Olivia
26. The Burgoyne’s
27. M husband’s ex-wife (I know, weird. But she has taught me what I DON’T want to be).
28. My second job
29. Coloring books
30. Orangutans
31. Chimpanzees
32. Gorillas
33. Elephants
34. Trees
35. Diet Mountain Dew
36. Giraffes
37. My bike
38. Indoor Plumbing
39. Outhouses (Porta-Potties)
40. Nachos
41. Tulips
42. Popovers
43. Memories of my grandmother
44. My grandpa’s guitar
45. Rainbows
46. Television
47. My running shoes
48. Thrift stores
49. Jails
50. My mother-in-law
51. My father-in-law
52. My Grammie
53. My Grampie
54. Aunt Sharon
55. Uncle Rye
56. Scrapbooks
57. My friend Krista
58. Team Hoyt
59. Beej
60. Chrystel
61. The gym
62. The ability to read
63. Hand lotion
64. Fun co-workers
65. Stove
66. Google Maps
67. Ice cream
68. Refrigerator/freezer
69. My gut instinct.
70. My friend Tawni
71. My husband’s good luck
72. My ability to type fast.
73. Email
74. My determination
75. Water
76. My big bed
77. Big comfy sweatshirts
78. Water
79. United States of America
80. Pinterest
81. Farmers Markets
82. Grocery stores
83. Ellen DeGeneres
84. Todd & Erin
85. Doctors
86. Law enforcement
87. Air conditioning
88. Heater
89. Electric blanket
90. Humane Society/No Kill Shelters
91. Kindness from others
92. Laughter
93. Internet
94. Being healthy
95. My blog
96. My contacts & glasses
97. Praise
98. Patience
99. My unique name
100. That I’m learning to be a more positive person

What are some things you are thankful for?

Count Your Many Blessings

If you remember from this post, Wednesday, I’d had a REALLY bad night. Well, yesterday, I got home from work and saw that I got this in the mail from my dad:

Thomas S Monson quote

It has really got me thinking. When I’m in the middle of an anxiety attack, etc., it’s really tough to look for the positive. I posted this picture on DailyMile and my friend Julia gave me an idea. She started naming off some of her blessings and she started going through the alphabet. So…I thought I would too. They might seem like stupid, little things, but doesn’t the quote say “anything large or small”? Some of these may be “thankfuls”, but that’s the same thing, right?

A – The company I work for starts with an A. I’m thankful for my job. When the job market isn’t doing too well, I’m always blessed to have a job.
B – Bed. I’ve been without a bed before. I’ve slept on an army cot, I’ve slept on a futon and I’ve slept on a blow up mattress for extended periods of time. Nothing compares to a mattress. There are some people who don’t have beds.
CChrissie Wellington. You might wonder why she’s a blessing to me. Well, one day she replied to one of my tweets! You can read the blog post about it here. And right now, she gives me hope. I’m currently injured and am unable to run. Well, there was one time she had to take a DNF at the Ironman World Championships because she got injured 2 weeks before the race.
D – I’m blessed to have my Dodge Neon. Alot of people can’t afford cars. But I have a running car that gets me from point A to point B.
E – Endurance. I’m blessed to have some awesome endurance. I may not be a fast athlete, but I can at least go far!
F – Facebook. Yes, I’m thankful for Facebook. I can connect with some of my friends who live far away that way.
G – GIANT sugar cookies from the grocery store. (I treated myself to one tonight)
H – I’m blessed that I have bone straight hair. I’m reminded of this every morning by my co-workers. I can walk out of the house & not to have to blow dry my hair or anything and it will be straight.
I – Ice cream! Who doesn’t love ice cream!? Sometimes a good pint of Ben & Jerry’s turns a bad day in to a good one.
J – My friend Jeannie. She is definitely a blessing. My friend Julia as well. Both of these ladies are amazing inspirations to me and provide me with the most amazing support. Thank you for believing in me ladies!
KKeys on Main! I’m blessed that I know that I’m welcome there and no one will judge me.
L – My friend Lori. She provides me with SO much support and she’s an amazing friend!
M – Modern Technology. Enough said.
N – I’m blessed to have 2 amazing nieces and 2 awesome nephews! Enough said.
O – The Ocean. I haven’t been to the ocean in probably 20 yrs, but if I close my eyes, I can listen to the ocean and it is such a calming sound.
P – I’ve been blessed with supportive parents. They come to almost all of my races and they support every decision I make.
Q – Quietness. Silence can sometimes be a blessing to me. Sometimes it’s nice just to be in a quiet room, ya know?
R – Roommates. Sometimes they drive me nuts but I’m blessed that they’re allowing me to share their house.
S – Swimming. I’m blessed to be able to know how to swim. Alot of people don’t know how. Even if I can’t run, I can at least swim.
T – Twitter. Yep, Twitter. I’ve “met” so many amazing people on Twitter that inspire me every day. I can’t forget triathlons either. If it weren’t for triathlons, I’d be 300 lbs.
U – Umbrellas. It can rain & snow ALOT in Utah. An umbrella comes in handy.
V – Vision. I can only imagine how hard it would be to not see anything.
W – Weights & core. I used to HATE this workout, but I’ve grown to love it. How many people love doing weights? How many people aren’t able to?
X – Oh dear….hmmm…Xtra supportive friends & family
Y – YouTube. You can find some very inspiring things on YouTube.


ZZinnia flower. Yes, this one was hard to come up with & I had to do some searching, but they are actually quite a pretty flower.

What are some things you are thankful for and consider a blessing?

Why My Life Rocks!

I have a gi-normous list of blogs I follow. I love reading other people’s blogs and getting a sneak peak in to their lives. One of the blogs I follow is written by RageMichelle. Michelle is funny, outspoken and she makes you think. One of her recent posts was to list 5 reasons why your life rocks. She said “There is no reason to move forward if there is nothing to look forward to. There is no reason to improve if we are just improving into the same shit life. We all have really good f’ing things about our lives. This is what we live for. This is what keeps us going. Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine…” Now, I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I can be a Debbie Downer. So, I took her blog post on as a challenge. So…here goes.

-I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews that thing I rock! They range from ages 4 (almost 5) to 15. The 15 year old, maybe not as much as the younger ones. But, it makes me proud. I want them to be proud of me. Plus, they just make me smile. A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday, I was out on a 90 minute bike ride and I rode past my brother’s house. I happened to see my brother outside getting some stuff out of his truck, so I stopped. Pretty soon 3 of his kids were outside. All of a sudden, the youngest one, Cooper, was SO excited to tell me that he can run fast and wanted to know if I wanted to see! Of course I wanted to see!!! He went running SUPER fast across the yard and was so proud and happy to show that to me.

-I can swim, bike and run. I’ve found my passion. Three years ago, I was 100 lbs heavier than I am now and had NO clue what I wanted to do with my life and how I was going to get there. Then, a friend invited me to do a triathlon and my entire world changed. I LIVE to swim, bike and run. I’ve got a body that I never thought I would have.

-I have some AMAZING friends that live in my computer. Yes, I have friends that I see or talk to on the phone, but my friends that I’ve met on Twitter are like none other. Who would have thought that I’d get to know more people that enjoy running and doing triathlons online than anywhere else? Twitter would’ve been the last place I would’ve thought of. I consider my Twitter friends some of my closest friends in the world, and I’m SO excited to meet one of them this weekend. I hope that eventually one day I’ll get to race and meet more of them.

-There is an AWESOME club in downtown Salt Lake City that I go to that I LOVE. Keys on Main is my home away from home. I consider them family. Enough said.

-My parents are pretty cool. I don’t always get along with my mom. I get along better with my dad, but they are pretty cool. They let me live at their house with them. They come to almost all of my races. Even though I have chosen to back away from the same belief system as them, they still support me in all of my decisions.

Now…give me 5 reasons why YOUR life rocks! If I can come up with 5, so can you. 🙂