Ragnar & Epic Relays

Today my husband, my son & i packed stuff up to go fishing at East Canyon Reservoir. Fishing here is stirring up alot of memories & it’s making me really depressed. 

You see, East Canyon is a major exchange between van 2 & 1 for the Ragnar Wasatch Back.

If you’re unfamiliar with what Ragnar or the Epic Cache-Teton Relays are, let me enlighten you. 

The Ragnar Wasatch back is a 220 mile, 36 hr relay run through the Wasatch Mountain Range. You usually have a team of 12 runners. If you have 6 runners, you’re considered an “ultra” team. I’ve always wanted to have an ultra team. 

The Epic Cache-Teton Relay is the same type of race, except it goes from Logan, Utah to Teton Village in Jackson, Wyoming. The views throughout this run are breathtaking. The views of the Grand Teton National Forest are beautiful!!

What i like most about these races are the camraderie between you & the others on your team & other teams. You’re having so much fun, you forget you havent showered or slept in 2 days. I just dont know how else to describe it. 

I didn’t see any runners as we were driving to go fishing. But i saw the directional signs & i saw the 1 mile to go sign. I just miss it. 

Sadly, i can’t even run right now. I can’t run because i’ve got that herniated disc in my back & because of that, it makes my feet go numb after running about 1 1/2 miles. 😦

Maybe i can run both these races next year. The company i work for sponsors a team for both of these races. 

I’m almost to the point that i say “screw it” to my back & start running again any ways & just get used to running with numb feet. 

I might have to do that because there’s a sprint triathlon i want to do on Nov 4. And if i’m gonna do it i need to start training now. 

Oh, & the only fish that was caught while we were fishing today was caught by my husband. 


A Free Marathon? What?!?!

I was thinking of going on a cruise in October or November this year. How fun would that be? But then, I remembered, I signed up for a free marathon this year down in Las Vegas. A free marathon? Say whaaaaaaaat?

I can’t remember how I heard about this race, but I’m pretty excited about it. You have to pay $50 to reserve your spot in the marathon (they do offer a 1/2 marathon as well), but as soon as you cross the finish line, you are handed a check for $50.

I was looking at the map of the course of the marathon and the race actually starts and finishes at the same place I ran my 2nd leg of the Las Vegas Ragnar last year. It’s kind of a cool venue. It’s a HUGE venue.

The only thing I’m worried about is the weather. It gets mighty hot down in Las Vegas…no matter what time of year. At least more hot than I’m used to. The Las Vegas Ragnar last year was in late October and I remember on my first leg of the Ragnar, it was SO hot, I almost got sick. So, I’ll have to really make sure I’m hydrated and have lots to drink and eat.

So, I’ve decided instead of going on a cruise, I’m going to have fun in Vegas. Even though I have family down in Las Vegas, I want to stay at a hotel on the Strip, maybe even fly down there if I can afford it.

Are any of my Twitter friends doing this? I think it would be fun to have a bunch of friends to run this with. I can’t believe I’m going to run 2 full marathons in one year!!! Crazy!