Just Keep Swimming

I’ve been doing aqua therapy for my back & it REALLY makes me miss the pool. 

When i was training for triathlons, i was in the pool 3 times a week. It made for alot of early mornings & really late nights. But that’s where i felt confident…in the pool. 

I ALWAYS got compliments from other swimmers. The older ladies that were there for water aerobics always said something to me. “Wow, you were swimming non-stop, how far did you go?”, “i could never do that”, “You sure swim fast”.

One time i swam 2.4 miles (the length you swim in a full Ironman) in the pool just to see if i could do it. It took me about 90 min. 

I would LOVE to get back to swimming on a regular basis again, but it’s just not in the cards right now. At the local county recreation center, it costs $5 admission every time you go & the yearly membership is about $300. Unfortunately i just can’t afford it right now. Maybe after my husband gets back to work, since he works for another county, tgey offer him a discounted rate for a membership & they offer a payroll deduction too. Then, maybe i can get back in the pool. 

Have you ever done aqua therapy? (It’s kicking my butt.)


Dating Life

This post can fit in to both the category of anxiety and the category of triathlons, etc.

Living in Utah, if you’re older than 25 and not married, it almost seems like it’s a sin. Because most of the culture here is predominantly Mormon (In my opinion), they tend to get married young. So, with me being raised Mormon (don’t practice it any longer) and being in my early 30’s & not married, I feel like an outcast, and that’s what causes me anxiety. When I started doing triathlons 4 years ago, that’s when I finally became comfortable in my own skin and it didn’t bother me any more that I was single.e

Dating has never been easy for me. Throw in that I’m a triathlete and that makes it even more hard. I think it only makes it harder because alot of people don’t understand the lifestyle of a triathlete. For me, training comes first. Period. In order to accomplish my goal of becoming an Ironman one day, my training has to come first. So far, I haven’t found too many people that understand that.

First Ironman I'd like to do is IMCdA.

For the longest time, I didn’t know what I wanted in a spouse. Last year while I was running the Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back, I saw what I wanted. I’ve always thought that if I get married or if I have kids, all of my training is going to go down the drain. Last year while on the Ragnar Relay, I saw my personal trainer and his wife running the Ragnar, and they just brought their son along with them and he rode in the van. No big deal. That showed me that just because you have kids and you’re married, doesn’t mean you can’t do what you love. I want someone who wants to go to the gym with me, etc. This stuff isn’t easy to find in Utah.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, my friend Luke came to Keys on Main and he had 2 friends with him. A couple of days later, I got a message from Luke on Facebook saying that his friend Brandon liked me and wanted to know if he could get my phone #. I passed my phone # along and told Luke to tell Brandon that he can text/call any time. About 5 minutes later, Brandon texted me and we haven’t stopped texting since.

Brandon is awesome. We went out last night for the first time. We went to dinner and a movie. We had plenty of time to talk before the movie. He tries to go to the gym every day. So far, he understands that I have to train every day. That right there, that’s what’s important to me. In some ways we are VERY similar, but in other ways we are complete opposites. I think that can be a very good thing.

There will definitely be a second and a third date. I don’t want to predict how far this will go, because it’s still early, but right now, I’m having fun. 🙂