The Shooting Range

A couple of weeks ago, the boyfriend got his concealed weapons permit. We’ve always talked about going to the shooting range on a date, but it’s either been really busy, or it’s the weekend we’ve had the kids.

Up until late last year, I’d never even touched a gun. We would go in to the gun store & just look at the different guns.

Now that the boyfriend has his CCW, we are starting to look more seriously in to getting a gun.

Since we didn’t have the kids this weekend, after i got off work, we went to the shooting range & shot a box of ammo.

For it being my first time shooting a gun, i don’t want to say it was fun. It was…nerve wracking. It was LOUD! I jumped almost every time someone shot.

I shot about 16 rounds on a 9mm Smith & Wesson Shield & the boyfriend shot the rest on some other gun that i don’t know what its called.


For it being my first time shooting I’m rather proud of myself because i shot the target in the neck.

With all of this being said, i want people to know that i take gun control & gun safety seriously. There is a time & place for guns. Some people don’t know the boundaries for that. My boyfriend & i do.

This is just one more thing i can cross off my bucket list.

Oh…and (this is the girl in me coming out) they had some really pretty purses there the had concealed holsters in them. I wouldn’t mind one.

Have you ever shot a gun before?


3 thoughts on “The Shooting Range”

  1. You talk about a time and a place for a gun, surely the time is never! I don’t understand why anyone needs a gun, or how you think that you can ever be truly safe (especially with kids around) with a gun in the house.
    Yes I’m British, but I sincerely hope that we never adopt US gun laws – and for your own sakes I hope the US changes it’s gun laws.

    1. This was not meant to be a post about gun laws or anything. This post was meant for showing i got to cross something off my bucket list. We all have different views on gun laws & i think it would be nice to just leave it as we agree to disagree on these things

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