Marathon Training

I don’t know why i haven’t posted about this before. Probably because life has been pure chaos. Lol. If it’s not one thing, it’s another, ya know?

So like alot of you guys, i get emails of local races that are happening. Back in Nov, i got an email about a new marathon in the area. It’s called the West Mountain Marathon. I was excited about it because i saw for the full marathon, it was only a registration fee of $40! For anybody that knows anything about running & races, that’s SUPER cheap.

I went on to Facebook to my favorite running club (Idiot’s Running Club) to get some advice before i registered. I asked them if they thought it was doable since i hadnt been too consistent with my running this year, but I’ve finally started to see some consistency. They all jumped on it & told me YES it was totally doable & at that registration price, i should totally do it.

I held off registering for a little bit because i needed to save up some money. Money was pretty tight at that point.

A couple days later, the IRC Head Idiot, David, emailed me asking if I’d registered. I told him not yet because I’ve got to wait a couple pay days. That is when he told me he was going to register me for this marathon.

Then he surprised me with one more thing. Our IRC Prom Queen, Kristie (who I’ve actually been able to meet in person), offered her personal training services & she’s training me for this marathon.

We now have 14 weeks to go until race day & training is going pretty good. It can be exhausting some weeks, but it’ll be all worth it when i cross that finish line.

I’ve been so immensely blessed with great friends in the running community. I will be forever grateful.

Are you training for a race right now?


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