Swimming Breakthrough

I had another swimming breakthrough today. If I wasn’t so tired, I would’ve been WAY more excited.

My swim workout today was:

200 swim 200 kick 200 pull (warm up)
800 steady
4 x 200 with 30 sec rest
8 x 100 with 20 sec rest
cool down

Now, 3800 yds is 2 miles. Above, my total workout was written to be 3200 yds. I was 600 yds away (24 laps) from swimming 2 miles, so I just added the extra laps.

It used to take me a solid 1 1/2 hours to swim 2 miles. Today, it took me 1:25:23. 4 minutes and some change doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re racing, every second counts!

I have found that bi-lateral breathing helps me go faster. I used to be TERRIBLE at bi-lateral breathing. I just didn’t have the flexibility in my neck or anything, but I’ve forced myself to do more swimming with bi-lateral breathing, and look what it’s done.

Now, my arms ache like a mother, but obviously all the weights I do are paying off in the pool. Yay!

Now, if you’re wondering what bi-lateral breathing is (I did when I first started swimming), here is an awesome video:


3 thoughts on “Swimming Breakthrough”

    1. If I’m doing sets of 50, I can breath every four strokes, but otherwise for the time being, I find it hard to hold my breath that long. So, I’m working on getting better at the every 4 strokes and the bi-lateral breathing. You’ll have to let me know how your swim goes.

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