Crazy Monday

Today has been a crazy day. It started out bright & early with a doctor appt for my back. This is where i got my 2nd opinion. This doctor seemed to be better. She wants to treat my back more aggressively. 

The doctor looked at my MRI & x-rays & we came to the conclusion that yes, i have a bulging disc & it’s not hitting any nerves…yet. Unless i go running. So, running is out of the question for now. 

The doctor wants me to do more injections, like i did last time. But in a different spot in my back to see if that helps. She also wants me to try a different form of physical therapy. She wants me to do pool therapy. Let’s hope my swim suit still fits. Lol. It’ll be nice to get back in the water. My first therapy session is in 1 week. 

The doctor also gave me pain meds to help throughout the day & a muscle relaxer to help at night. So, we will see how that goes. 

I got to work & actually got somewhat caught up. I got some decent hours in today. That’s nice cause lately i’ve been struggling to get all my hours in. Thankfully my job has been patient with me & willing to work with me. 

For whatever reason, after i got home from work, my anxiety shot through the roof. I’m not sure why either. Sometimes i can pinpoint why my anxiety is flaring, sometimes i can’t. Today was the latter of the two. 

I don’t know if it’s because i’m in some insane pain with my back tonight & i’m just tired of it or what. I tried to do a PiYo workout tonight & i made it 8 min before the anxiety got the better of me & i threw in the towel. 

I feel bad because i want to be a motivation to people & i want to lose weight, but i feel like i’m disappointing alot of people too. 

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. It’s going to be a GREAT day & i’m going to get stuff done. 

How was your Monday?


“Monday, Monday, La la, la la la la…”

I started typing this last night and then I fell asleep…so you’re getting this post a day late. Lol.

When I was thinking of a title for this post, the song by the Mama’s & the Papa’s came to mind where it goes “Monday, Monday, la la, la la la la…so good to me…” I don’t know why…but last night the thought occurred to me to just chronicle my every day everything in a blog post for a week…just to give you folks a little insight on my life. I don’t do these posts this week to try & prove how busy I am or anything, but I find people’s every day lives interesting, so maybe you do too.

For once, I got my butt up nice & early this morning to go swimming before work. My favorite pool in our area is open again, so that helped get me out of bed this morning. Plus, since I was going to have school tonight, I knew I wouldn’t be able to swim this workout in the evening, so I got up & got my workout done.

As I was heading home from the pool, I was preparing myself for battle. I just knew the kids were going to fight getting out of bed. I got home and I was right. The kids fought all morning long. Then they threw temper tantrums because they didn’t get what they wanted for breakfast. Surprise, surprise!!! This is a weekly occurence at our house. Lol.

I was finally able to head off to work and boy was it a busy day at work! We had a 2 1/2 hour meeting first thing in the morning, then I had to catch up on everything else that I didn’t get to do for the first 2 1/2 hrs of my day.

The morning flew by and before I knew it it was almost time to head home. But…right before I head home, I get a call from the school I’m supposed to be going to. They didn’t even have me enrolled to start school this evening! WHAT?!?!?!?!? I told the lady that the last guy I talked to said I was going to be ready to start school on June 2nd. She said she’d look in to my schedule and call me back (as of Tuesday afternoon I still haven’t heard from her).

I called the boyfriend to tell him about the situation with school and he and I are both tired of the school jerking me around. As soon as he got home from work, he changed his clothes and we headed over to the community college. I’m going to stop going to this other school and completely start ALL OVER again at the community college. It’s going to take me about 4 yrs to get my Associate’s degree in Fitness because I’m only going part time…but I think it’ll be better in the long run.

After talking to the community college though, I got SUPER frustrated and SUPER depressed. If I were to continue to go to this other school, I would graduate by the end of 2014, but since they keep jerking me around, I’m no longer going to give them my time or money and I’m going to start over at the community college. It’s just frustrating that I’ll be almost 40 yrs old before I get my degree. But…I’ll be more prepared to take more certification exams and I think I’ll be better off in the long run.

Finally got home and sweet boyfriend fixed dinner…again. 🙂 While he fixed dinner I got the rest of my workout in. I had to ride for 45 minutes on my bike. I’m really LOVING that I found some video playlists on YouTube that my old coach used in spin classes he taught. I plug in my phone and I watch those while I’m on the bike. It sure makes times go by faster. 🙂

I finally crashed in bed around 9:00 pm. The plan is to get up at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning and get part of my workout in before I have to get the kids up and get them to school and me off to work. We’ll see how it goes.

How was your Monday?

Manic Monday

"It's just another Manic Monday...whoa, whoa...wish it were a Sunday..."
“It’s just another Manic Monday…whoa, whoa…wish it were a Sunday…”

It was just another manic Monday…literally. The past 3 days I was able to get a workout in, so I SWORE I was going to get up bright & early this morning & get my swim in before I came to work. (P.S. I struggle getting up early.)

I got up at 5:20 a.m. to make it to the pool by 5:30 a.m when it opened. I decided to try a new pool. This new pool you don’t have to worry about a high school swim team coming in and taking over the pool, and when I’ve been there before, there’s always been at least 2 lap lanes open. So, I figured first thing in the morning wouldn’t be a big deal. I got there bright & early & the entire pool was filled with elderly people doing water aerobics. Ugh.

I turned around and went home and decided I’d take B to school early and then go swimming before I came to work. Well, B ended up taking FOREVER in the bath tub and we didn’t leave early. Then boyfriend called & needed me to bring him a sweatshirt. I figured I still had time to go swimming if I hurried. I might be a few minutes late to work, but nothing drastic. I was on my way to take boyfriend his sweatshirt and realized I had packed everything but soap & shampoo so that I could take a shower after I went swimming and go straight to work. *sigh*

I just told myself SCREW IT!!! I went home and showered and decided I’d just go swimming, running and do weights after work.

It just seems like whenever I make a decent effort to get my workout done in the morning something comes up. I tell ya…it was “just another manic Monday…(whoa, whoa)”.

How has your Monday been?