A Goal

Since everybody has been talking about what their goals or new years resolutions are, I’ve honestly been trying to think of one. 

Like I mentioned yesterday, one of them for the month of January is to text my friend every day one thing i like about myself. Today it was that I like how fast I can type. 

I have set another goal though. By no later than kid August, I want to be able to ride my bike up Emigration Canyon without a struggle. 

It’s not the hardest to ride up, but if you’re out of shape like me,  it’s tough. I’ve done it before. I want to do it again. Side note: it sucks riding the canyon on a Sat morning because you smell the bacon frying at Ruth’s (once featured on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives).

This is the view from the top. To the left of this picture you can see Little Dell  (a popular fishing spot). To the right, you see the Salt Lake valley. 

My only problem with this goal is…when we moved I sold my time trial bike. I think my mom & dad still have my old road bike & if they do,  that’ll have to do. 

What are your goals for the new year?


Goals For the Week

As I sit reflecting on what is ahead of me this week, I am thinking of the goals I want to accomplish and how I’m going to go about getting them done. I hope that by putting them down on my blog, it will help.

After my workouts this last week, I REALLY need to knuckle down and start doing my weights and core workouts again. I’ve really been slacking off on them. I can definitely tell a difference in my workouts since I haven’t been doing weights…and it’s not a good difference. Plus, because I haven’t been doing weights, my lunch lady arms are coming back.

So, goal # 1 is to do weights and core twice this week. If I do, then I can treat myself to lunch on my way home from my race on Saturday. If not, I’m stuck eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Also, this Saturday will be the second time I participate in the Spudman triathlon. It’s a SUPER easy course (downstream swim, flat bike and flat run), but I feel VERY unprepared for it. I feel unprepared of my own doing. For some reason, since I finished Boise 70.3, I just havne’t had a lot of motivation.

With that being said, I am quickly reminded of this:

Don't be upset with results

My goal # 2 is to just finish the race and have fun. Last year I finished in 3:01 and some change. Ideally, I’d like to come in under 3 hours this year, but don’t know if that’s possible with the lack of training I’ve been doing.

So, here’s to hoping I can accomplish my goals this week.

What goals do you have for the week?

Week in Review

I couldn’t think of a clever, witty, title for this article, so, it is what it is. I’ll try & make it a little interesting though and not boooooring. 🙂

So, first off, one of my goals, but I wasn’t going to be super strict on myself about it, was to blog every day. Well, I haven’t blogged since Wednesday or Thursday. I guess that puts a kybosh on that goal. Lol. Maybe this week will be better. Last week was kind of crazy.

This is SO me. Lol.
This is SO me. Lol.

A long time ago, before I got in to triathlons and marathons, I was HUGE in to scrapbooking. I mean…HUGE!!! There is a company that is based out of Utah called Stampin’ Up!. I would go to Stampin’ Up! parties and I would order all kinds of stamp sets and I would host parties so I could get stamp sets. I honestly have 50+ stamp sets. Well, then I moved home, and I got so many stamp sets that it got too overwhelming. Then, I got in to triathlons and marathons and I just don’t have the time to scrapbook anymore. Plus, everything has gone digital, ya know? So, I’m starting to sell all of my stamp sets on eBay. It can be kind of nerve wracking selling something on eBay. I check eBay multiple times a day now to see if anyone has bid on my stamp sets or not. Some times, I’ll admit, it’s kind of sad when I see a stamp set go for $0.99 that I paid $10-20 for, but at least someone else is using it & it’s not collecting dust. You can see what I’m currently selling here, here, here, here and lastly, here. I’m only selling 5 stamp sets a week so I don’t get overwhelmed with posting them, etc.

I keep thinking I really need to go to the optometrist. I don’t know about anybody else, but I dread going to the doctor. I don’t care if it’s the eye doctor, dentist, regular doctor, gynecologist, I don’t like the doctor. Plus, it’s a $25 co-pay and I don’t want to have to pay that either. But, I wear contacts. The only time I wear my glasses is in the evening before bed or if I’m having allergies, or something like and I take my contacts out early. The other day, I put my glasses on and they almost fell off my face. They are an older pair of glasses (my other pair broke) and so they are super stretched out. I just hate the doctor. It’s $25 plus other fees that they’ll want to tack on that I could spend elsewhere.

I hate this part of the appointment especially.
I hate this part of the appointment especially.

I absolutely LOVE my new job. Well, it doesn’t feel new any more. I’ve been at my job for almost 3 months now. I feel like I’ve known my co-workers for longer than 3 months. We just get along really well. But, since I started my job, there have been alot of holidays. Especially with Christmas and New Years just past us, I’ve had alot of days off. It seems like it’s been a while since I’ve worked a full 5-day work week. It’s kind of overwhelming knowing that this week I have to work all 5 days (I know, such a first world problem). Lol.

Last but not least, you know how much I’ve wanted to move out. I live with my parents and it just sucks. I go more in to depth about it in my Brutally Honest post. I originally wanted to move out on my own. Have my own apartment, no roommates, just me. But…I can’t do that. I could…if I didn’t want to do any triathlons or half/full marathons. Well, that’s OBVIOUSLY out of the question. I can’t NOT do triathlons. I just can’t. So, I started looking in the online classifieds for either a really cheap apartment (never found one) or people who needed roommates. I texted one girl about a room being available, but she never texted me back. I waited a couple of days and decided to look again. There was a room for rent about 10 minutes from my job in a house with 2 other girls around my age and it was only $350/mo + utilities. I decided to call on it and it was still available. I went and looked at it, and it’s really nice. So…I’m moving! Yay! February 1st I’ll be moving. I’ll have the downstairs with one other girl and then we’ll all share the kitchen upstairs. I’m pretty excited! But…now I have to start slowly packing, getting rid of crap that I don’t really need. It’s kind of overwhelming at the same time, ya know?

I'm Movin' Out!
I’m Movin’ Out!

I think that’s all of my updates right now. I’ll spare you any other boring stuff I can think of.

How was your week? Do you wear glasses or contacts? How much do you love NOT moving? 🙂 How are you doing on your goals so far this year? Do you scrapbook?

Welcome to 2013!

I guess I’ll jump on the band wagon and do a New Years post. I don’t do resolutions though. I’ve never been a big one for resolutions. I don’t know. Maybe I need to do some resolutions.

This last year was a pretty decent year as far as triathlons & races are concerned. If you didn’t see my post on Facebook or Twitter, here are my stats:

  • Swimming: 246,030 yards (139.8 miles)
  • Cycling: 3,532.09 miles
  • Running: 1,110.2 miles

I did 2 full marathons and a bunch of Olympic distance triathlons. I had alot of funt his year. I PR’d by 10k time as well.

As for my personal life in 2012, if you read my Brutally Honest post, you’ll know it wasn’t the best. One good thing that did come out of 2012 is that I got a new job. I love this job. Otherwise, see my Brutally Honest post.

As for goals for 2013, I’ve got a couple. As some of you may know, I’m doing my first 1/2 Ironman in June this year. My main goal for 2013 is to finish that race and be happy with my performance. I want to put it all out there and give it my best.

Another goal I have is I would like to blog more. I really enjoy the blogging thing, but sometimes I run out of ideas of what to blog about. Well, lucky for me, I did a search on the interwebs one night and found a pdf document of a list of things to blog about for every day of the year. So, that will help if I can’t come up with something. I mean, I envy those that blog every day. I just don’t know how they always have something to blog about. If for some reason, I don’t blog every day and I don’t meet this goal, I’m not gonna be all disappointed though.

Last but not least, once again, in reference to my Brutally Honest post, at the end of 2013, I want to look back and say that I was happy this year and that I will continue to be happy. Right now, there are very few things in my life that I am happy about. I want to be VERY happy. I don’t know what it’s going to take, but I’m willing to try and find out.

With this being said…I hope everyone has a blessed and happy new year!

2013 Goals

The other night I was on a date and he asked me what my goals were for 2013. I actually had to think about it for a minute. Outside of my triathlon & running goals, I didn’t really have any.

I have decided that one of my goals next year is to either visit New York City or visit London, England. I don’t have a passport. I’ve never been overseas, so I’m kind of leaning towards London. Plus, I’ve got a couple of friends from Twitter that live over there that I would love to meet.

Now, if I don’t go to London, I’d love to go to New York City. I’ve never been and would love to go. My mom has a friend from the Army that lives in Brooklyn and I could probably stay with her. So, if I go to New York City, it would probably be cheaper than going to London. I’ve got friends from Twitter that live in New York City that I’d love to meet as well.

Decisions, decisions. I just don’t know which to pick.

Have you been to either place? Where do you think I should go?

Turkey Trot 10k

Every year, my gym hosts a Turkey 10k, 5k and 1k. Ever since last year, Thanksgiving morning, I’ve done the 10k. I’ve done it as my last race of the year and I’ve done it so I don’t feel guilty eating Thanksgiving dinner later that night. 🙂

I was ready for the 10k this year. I knew what to expect as far as the course was concerned and I knew what to expect of my body nutritionally and I knew what to expect as far as my running pace (3 weeks post marathon).

Last year there was snow on the ground for Thanksgiving and it was icy conditions; therefore my pace was slower. This year, I wore shorts and a t-shirt for the run. I think I’m safe to say the weather was in the 50s for the run.

Right before I headed out on the run, my dad said “I’ll see you in an hour…no, less than an hour. I’ll see you in less than an hour.” I told my dad not to count on it. I didn’t know if I’d be able to hold that fast of a pace seeing that I’d finished a marathon 3 weeks prior. When I finished the Ogden Marathon in May, it took me a good 6 – 8 weeks to get back to a decent pace on my running.

The run start was very congested. They started the 5k and the 10k at the same time. We were all supposed to line up and group together as far as pace is concerned, but with that many people (at least 500) and nobody making sure that everybody was in their pace area, that obviously didn’t happen. I’m pretty sure I walked across the starting line.

After we crossed the starting line, I was able to pick up my pace to a jog and start attempting to weave around people who were walking. Once I finally got out of the parking lot and on the street, I was able to pick up my pace to what I thought was about a 10:00/mile.

As far as pace is concerned, I just went with what felt good. If I felt I needed to slow down, I did. If I felt like I could pick up the pace a little, I did that.

About 1 mile in to the race we had to cross some train tracks. Thankfully, I wasn’t stopped by the train. I missed the train by about 1 minute. Wahoo!

I didn’t realize they had mile markers on the course until we came upon the 2 mile marker. I decided to take a quick sneak peek at my watch and it said we’d gone 2.5 miles, so I knew their mile markers were off. Then shortly after, I saw the 3 mile marker. That’s when I knew the mile markers were off.

At the 3 mile marker I decided I needed to take a gel to make it to the finish and after I got done with the gel, I decided to look at my watch again to see how accurate their mile markers were. I was SHOCKED!!! I looked at my watch and it said I’d run 3.2 miles in 30 minutes!!! I was kicking ass!

I didn’t look at my watch the rest of the time. I was feeling pretty proud of myself though because the last 1 – 1 1/2 miles was a gradual uphill. I’m not a fan of uphills, but I was able to run the entire uphill.

They had water stops for us at miles 3 and 5, but I was able to breeze past those because I was carrying my own water.

The closer we got to the finish, the more 5kers we came upon. The only downside to this was alot of the 5kers were walking the entire course and they were walking 2 abreast. This was along a busy street, so you couldn’t really run out in the street. Those that were walking 2 abreast, had no consideration for the other runners and we had to go off the sidewalk and on to the grass or out in the street to pass people. I’m not a fan of that only because 1. it’s not safe to run out in the street, and 2., I’m not good at running on grass. I’m always afraid I’m going to lose my footing and twist my ankle or something.

The entire run I felt strangely strong. Especially seeing that the night before I felt like I was coming down with a cold. I ran through the finish and then looked down at my watch and I just ran 6.23 miles in 0:59:45!!! This was a HUGE deal. I saw my dad and the first thing I said was “You got your less than 1 hour!” The other reason this was a huge deal is because in the 3 1/2 years I’ve been running, this is the first time I’d ever run a 10k under 1 hour!

I was feeling great!!! I got my finishers medal, we hung around for a few minutes to see the results (still haven’t got them) and then we headed home. Well, kind of.

After adding up all of my miles run for the year, after running this 10k, I had run 998 miles. Only 2 more miles and I would’ve ran 1,000 miles this year! Plus, my coach said for my Thursday schedule to either run the Turkey 10k or to run 8 miles. Well, to get to 1,000 miles, seeing that it was only another 2 miles, I decided to run 2 more miles on Thanksgiving and then I’d be home.

Those last 2 miles were done at a 9:45/min pace. It was a little slower, but that’s ok. So, as of Thanksgiving Day, I’ve ran 1,000 miles this year. It was an awesome day of meeting some goals.

Did you do a Turkey run? How did it go?

Putting Myself Out There

Ever since I started my journey 3 years ago in losing weight and after I competed in my first triathlon and found my passion for it, the only other thing I’ve wanted to do is share my story. So, the first thing I did was start a blog. I originally started my blog on Blogspot, but last year I changed to WordPress.

Anywho, once I started my blog, I didn’t know how else to put myself out there. All I’ve wanted to do is share my story and show people that if I can do it, then they can do it.

Well, last week, I got a surprising message in my Facebook messages. My friend Benny Raskin, who is a bartender at Keys on Main, also does freelance writing in the sports section for the Salt Lake Tribune. Benny messaged me saying that they wanted to write an article about my triathlons and weight loss!!!! My first thought was holy crap, are you serious? So, I gave Benny my phone # and he passed it on to the powers that be.

I thought this would be kind of a long drawn out process, but the next day I got a call from the writer at the newspaper. We met later that night and had coffee and talked. Then, 3 days later, the photographer came out and took pictures. Then 4 days later, my article appeared on their website!!

I’m SO excited that I’m finally getting my story out there. I hope I can inspire people with this article. I hope my story reaches someone who is at the end of their rope and that I can give them that last chance of hope. I’ve already had some friends tell me that I should write a book. I would absolutely LOVE to write a book. My only issue is, I don’t know where to even start!

If you would like to read my article and see the pictures, you can read it here: My Article. Happy reading friends!