Christmas Part 2

Ok, I promised I would write about Christmas again when I had more time.

Let me start out by saying we have been super-duper blessed this year. Honestly, as of December 15th, we weren’t going to have a Christmas. We moved on November 7th and that took ALOT more money than we had anticipated. We had some financial issues after we moved too. I wasn’t sure how we were going to tell our kids that Santa just wasn’t going to visit our house this year. But then, within a week, we were given a significant amount of money by a stranger in our church group that just wanted to help throughout the holidays, my daughter’s school called me up & said that we were a sub-for-Santa family that year, and someone else gifted me a $30 gift card. Plus, we were chosen by a stranger in our church group and they chose to do the 12 Days of Christmas to us. My kids  LOVED that.

So,  considering how we weren’t going to have a Christmas this year, my kids ended up with a VERY nice Christmas this year.


Not the best picture, sorry. This was at 11:30 pm holding a sleeping baby with my back hurting.

Plus, my husband’s mom sent up a TON of presents for the kids too.

As predicted E didn’t really care about the presents, he just loved the wrapping paper.


I don’t know why the pictures are coming up sideways…sorry. 😦

But you know what my favoritest present of all was? This…

How stinkin’ cute is that?!?!?!

How was your Christmas? What did you get?



Ugh, the Holidays 

I HATE the holidays. They never end up how I want them too. Growing up, we always had family traditions, but now that we’ve moved on with our own families, my husband doesn’t give a crap about the holidays & neither do my parents.

Today we had Thanksgiving at my mom & dads. I can thank my stepdaughter for embarrassing the hell out of me. She decided to pitch a fit since the second she woke up today. I just want a holiday gathering where my family actually shows thanks for what they have & the kids act like decent human beings. I do have to give props to my stepson for having a pretty good attitude today. He had his moments earlier today, but for the most part, he’s been really good.

Come Christmas, if we decide to celebrate (don’t have the money), will be tough. With my husband in law enforcement, he has to work on Christmas Day, so if we celebrate, it’ll be the day after. But usually everybody just opens their presents & then everybody goes their separate ways. I usually don’t even see my brother during the holidays. 

I do have to say that one of the joys of Thanksgiving this year was watching my 9 month old experience it. We gave him some of his own sweet potatos & mashed potatos & he LOVED it  

Holiday Traditions

I apologize for the lack of posts ever since I got pregnant. Hopefully I can be better.

But, with Thanksgiving being yesterday I wanted to ask people their opinion.

Now that I’m married & have 2 kids I want to start some traditions around the holidays.

Yesterday was a REALLY tough day for me. I slept most of the day, then went up to my mom & dad’s house, had dinner & then we basically left.

The same happens at Christmas. We open presents & then everybody goes their separate ways.

I’ve always wanted the holidays to be a BIG deal, and have lots of festivities, but nobody else seems to want to join in the fun.

So…what do you do to celebrate the holidays with your family?

Christmas Past vs Christmas Present

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day are a BIG struggle for me. When i was growing up, and i was a kid, we celebrated big. Now, i realize that families grow, etc., but it’s gotten to the point where we don’t do hardly anything for Christmas. Some people think i tend to over exaggerate, but let me show you some examples.

Christmas Past
When i was a kid, all the way up in to my teens, on Christmas Eve, we would go up to my grandma & grandpa’s house & meet up with my 2 aunt’s, my uncle & my 4 cousins and have a big dinner, do a gift exchange, then go home, go to bed. Come Christmas Day, me & my brother would wake up, we would open presents as a family, have our traditional breakfast of yogurt & pastries & then wait for my grandma & grandpa to come down & we’d open the gifts we got them & vice versa. After they left, we would clean up, then pack a picnic lunch of turkey sandwiches, chips, potato salad, etc & drive up to Park City (where Sundance Film Festival is) & have a picnic in our car while watching people ski down the mountain. We’d walk down Old Main Street & then go “hunting” for golf balls down a stream & pond that was next to a golf course.

We would always take one, or a couple of nights during the season & drive around the Salt Lake Valley & see Christmas lights. I’d always make a point to go to Temple Square & see the lights there too.

Now with all that being said, i know that all of my cousins & my brother have a family of their own now & i don’t expect us all to meet up at my grandma & grandpa’s for a big dinner. That’s just not practical.

Christmas Present
So now…this is how Christmas is now. Last year, the boyfriend & i didn’t put up a tree only because we didn’t have room in our itty bitty 1 bedroom apartment. This year we didn’t put up a tree because the kids kept misbehaving. Well & i really think the boyfriend doesn’t care whether we have a tree. He’s not big on holidays. So…Christmas Eve i had to work until 6 pm. Came home & everyone was in a craptastic mood. Kid #2 was already in bed because he wasn’t feeling good. I was hoping we could go drive around & look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve because it was Christmas Eve, but because kid #2 had already gone to bed, that wasn’t gonna happen.

We didn’t have a lot of food in the house, so we had chicken chunks & ravioli. I stayed up late & wrapped presents, but since we didn’t have a tree to put them under, i just had to arrange them on the couch.

Finally got to bed & then got the kids up at 8:30 a.m. to open presents & kid # 2 was being ornery. Great. Awesome way to start Christmas (sarcasm).

It took about 5 min to open presents (we had a lean Christmas this year due to money) & then everybody did their own thing.

We took kid # 1 & 2 to their mom’s for 3 hrs & the boyfriend & i just sat around & relaxed.

After we picked the kids up from their mom’s, we went up to my mom & dads for a few min to exchange gifts, but i didn’t get to see much because then Tank (our blind minpin) decided he needed to go potty. I ate a few pieces of fudge & nagadoches while i was there & had some potato salad & then we left.
Now, with all that being said, I’m not asking for a whole lot on Christmas or during the season, but I’ve always dreamed of having the “All American Christmas”. Having a BIG family dinner, having fun traditions, etc. A lot of people have told me to start it up myself, but it’s hard to do when nobody else is willing.

Maybe one year it’ll happen.

How was your Christmas? Do you have any fun family traditions? You should Google “SLC Temple Square at Christmas” & see how beautiful it is if you’ve never seen it.

TSO Christmas Concert

This last Wednesday evening, the boyfriend & i took his kids & went to the Tran Siberian Orchestra Christmas Concert.

What an AMAZING concert. The boyfriend had been a couple times before, but i hadn’t. I’m not quite sure what to say about the concert, it was just so good.

Lots of lazers, lots of fire.  You could actually feel the heat from the fire.

It was just really cool. It put me in the Christmas mood.

Here are some pictures from the concert. They’re not the best cause they were taken with my phone, but still pretty cool.

Have you ever seen TSO in concert?







Christmas Commercial

One thing I look forward to at Christmas time, I know it’s weird, but I LOVE the commercials on TV. I know a lot of people love the Coca-Cola commercials & the Budweiser commercials, but this is my favorite:

I think it is just SO cute!!! I love how the kiss at the end does a sigh of relief & wipes his brow. 🙂

Do you have a favorite Christmas commercial?

Christmas Cheer!

This year Christmas is very different for me. It’s taking me a while to get in the Christmas spirit. Usually, the day after Thanksgiving I am ready to put up Christmas decorations & decorate the house etc., but now that I’m living with Rob, he doesn’t put his Christmas tree up until about the middle of December. His son’s birthday is the first part of December and he doesn’t want his son’s birthday to be overshadowed by Christmas, so no Christmas decorations get put up until after his birthday. Totally understandable. But then, the other day, I heard one of my favorite Christmas songs on the radio & it got me excited. Plus, it helped that we got our first big snow storm of the season.

But, then I read this girl’s blog & she had a Christmas survey & that got me excited, so I thought I’d do the survey too!

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Santa always wraps presents.
Colored lights on tree/house or white? I like the colored lights. They’re more traditional.
Do you hang mistletoe? Nope. Maybe this year I’ll get kissed under the mistletoe though. 🙂
What is your favorite holiday dish…excluding dessert? You can never go wrong with candied yams!
Favorite holiday memory as a child? I remember sitting on the floor on Christmas Eve and my dad was reading us “The Night Before Christmas”, I looked out the window & saw a shooting star & my dad told us that was Santa Claus. I’ve never gone to bed so fast! Lol.
Snow? Love it or dread it? I love to watch it snow & I love how it makes everything look so clean, but I HATE driving in it.
Real tree or fake tree? Fake. There is too much maintenance with a real tree. But the fake tree has to be big & bushy!
What’s the most important thing about Christmas for you? I love how kind everybody is at Christmas. My family isn’t big in to traditions, etc., so to be honest, spending time with my family on Christmas isn’t that big a deal. Hopefully now that I have Rob, we can make our own traditions. 🙂
What is your favorite holiday dessert? Nagadoches. It’s a cross between cake & a brownie. It is SOOOO good!
What is your favorite tradition? When I was a kid, we used to drive up to Park City on Christmas Day, have a picnic in our car, watch people ski down the slopes, then we’d go over to a nearby golf course & go golf ball hunting.
What tops your tree? Usually some kind of a star, or one year, we had a fireman themed Christmas tree, so a fire hat topped our tree.
What is your favorite Christmas song? I have lots, but I think this has got to be one of my favorites:

What do you leave for Santa? When I was a kid, it was Oreo’s.
Do you have a Christmas morning tradition? My mom & dad would wake us up, we’d always get pastries/donuts from the local bakery the day before. We’d eat breakfast & then take turns opening presents. I don’t know what Rob & I will do this year. We don’t get his kids until Christmas afternoon, so we might just sleep in! Yay!!!
Do you prefer to shop online or at the mall? This year I’ve done online shopping & I LOVE it!

Your turn! Answer 1 or all of these questions!