Crazy Monday

Today has been a crazy day. It started out bright & early with a doctor appt for my back. This is where i got my 2nd opinion. This doctor seemed to be better. She wants to treat my back more aggressively. 

The doctor looked at my MRI & x-rays & we came to the conclusion that yes, i have a bulging disc & it’s not hitting any nerves…yet. Unless i go running. So, running is out of the question for now. 

The doctor wants me to do more injections, like i did last time. But in a different spot in my back to see if that helps. She also wants me to try a different form of physical therapy. She wants me to do pool therapy. Let’s hope my swim suit still fits. Lol. It’ll be nice to get back in the water. My first therapy session is in 1 week. 

The doctor also gave me pain meds to help throughout the day & a muscle relaxer to help at night. So, we will see how that goes. 

I got to work & actually got somewhat caught up. I got some decent hours in today. That’s nice cause lately i’ve been struggling to get all my hours in. Thankfully my job has been patient with me & willing to work with me. 

For whatever reason, after i got home from work, my anxiety shot through the roof. I’m not sure why either. Sometimes i can pinpoint why my anxiety is flaring, sometimes i can’t. Today was the latter of the two. 

I don’t know if it’s because i’m in some insane pain with my back tonight & i’m just tired of it or what. I tried to do a PiYo workout tonight & i made it 8 min before the anxiety got the better of me & i threw in the towel. 

I feel bad because i want to be a motivation to people & i want to lose weight, but i feel like i’m disappointing alot of people too. 

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. It’s going to be a GREAT day & i’m going to get stuff done. 

How was your Monday?