Before my son was born, we were very insistent that he would NOT be sleeping in bed with us. Shortly after we came home from the hospital that all changed.

Being a first time mom, I’d get up during the night to get him out of his crib (that was next to our bed) to feed him. I’d sit down in bed to either nurse or bottle feed him and we’d both fall asleep and he just ended up sleeping in our bed.

Well, almost 16 months later…he’s STILL sleeping in our bed. Ugh. I’m SO over it. E is a very restless sleeper. And we have a Cal-King bed and he manages to take over most of it. How a 30 lb, 1 year old manages to take over most of the bed, I’ll never know. Haha!

We’ve tried almost everything to get him to sleep in his crib and nothing has worked. Even when we moved to our new apartment we thought that might help. Nope.

Everybody says to let him cry it out and he’ll only cry for 10-15 minutes and then stop. Hahaha!!! WRONG!!! This kid has cried upwards of 45 minutes and then he’ll fall asleep for an hour, then wake up and cry for another 45 minutes. It really tugs at my heart strings. We finally gave up on the crib.

A couple of weeks ago we bought him a toddler bed. And it’s a fire engine & it even has a light on the top. He still won’t sleep in his bed. I wonder if it’s the mattress because he’ll be sound asleep in my arms and I’ll go lay him down in his bed and as soon as his head touches the bed, he’s wide awake and screaming bloody murder. And it’s not the human touch either. Because he’ll fall asleep in my arms and I’ll lay him on the bed next to me and he’ll stay sound asleep. Plus, there’s some kind of anxiety there too. Because I even curled up in to an almost ball and laid on his toddler bed with him and he’d still just scream and cry.

I think we’re starting to find a solution though. Now that he has his own bedroom, we leave the bedroom door open all the time and put some of his toys in there so that he becomes familiar with the room and going in that room isn’t a bad thing. Plus, for his 1st birthday, his grandma gave him his very own Paw Patrol couch that folds out in to a little bed. We’ve put the toddler bed in my bed with me (my husband is sleeping on the couch right now because of surgery) and once he falls asleep, I lay him on his little couch and he sleeps there. Right now, he’ll only stay there for about 2-3 hours and then it’s game over and he won’t sleep on it any more. So, we’re making progress. Hopefully we’ll be able to transition him to his room soon.

Did you co-sleep with your child? How did you transition them to their own bed?



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