Back Update

I forgot to give y’all an update on my back.

1 1/2 wks ago I went to a different doctor to get a second opinion since everything the first doctor did, didn’t work. 

This doctor seemed to do a more thorough exam on my back. She looked at my MRI while I was sitting there & even explained to me what she was looking at. 

We are still at the conclusion that i have a herniated disc between L5 & S1. However, it’s not pressing on the nerve. Only when i run & things get jarred around in there does it push up against the nerve. Because of this, they’re in no hurry to do surgery. 

They did send me to get ANOTHER back injection though. The first injection i got over a month ago didn’t work, so i was very skeptical about this one. 

Last Fri i went to ANOTHER doctor who did the back injection. It hurt like a b*tch. BUT…i think it had a positive effect on me. The first day or so, it still hurt really bad, but then i had little to no pain. Up until today. 

I woke up this morning & my pain level was about an 8 & it has stayed that way most of today. I can take a pain pill & that helps a little, but once the pain pill wears off, it’s back to an 8 again. 

They also had me start pool physical therapy on Monday. So i don’t know if the pain is from physical therapy or if i slept funky last night or what. It’ll be interesting to see what the pain is like tomorrow. 

If the pain continues i honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do. But i’ll definitely keep you posted. 


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