One of Those Days

Some days I’m not sure what to post. Today is one of those days. I’ve been in the car for what seems like HOURS, when it’s only been about 4.5. We decided to take a little weekend vacation to come visit my in-laws since Grandpa H hasn’t met E yet. It’s only a 4 Hr drive from SLC to St George, but it took us longer because we had a couple stops to make,  plus traveling with a toddler is a strain on patience.

But I’m taking a prompt from Pinterest & I’ll tell you something that made me smile today.

One thing that made me smile was FINALLY making it to our hotel room. Lol. But i don’t know if I’m happy about that any more. I’m sicker than a dog on vacation. I’ve got chills (they’re multiplying…), my throat hurts, I feel a little lightheaded. This just isn’t what I had planned for my mini vacation.

You know what normally makes me smile?  What we had for dinner…


But not even that made me smile tonight.  Maybe it would have if they were good. But I’ve had better.

What makes you smile?


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