Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas folks! I have been more than blessed this year. 

Last night, my 10 month old was really struggling to sleep, so I got up & walked around the house with him. This is where I saw the two letters my older kids wrote & left for Santa. B wrote on the outside of his letter “To Santa TOP SECRET Not for Mom & Dad”. Lol. He asked for more money in his bank acct that he got for his birthday & he asked for his tablet back (it got taken away because of behavior issues) so he could do his homework & not ask to be logged on to the laptop every time. Lol. 

T asked for a hatchimal & a book series she likes. 

So last night I got to play Santa & write a letter back to them. I was worried they would recognize my handwriting, but they didn’t. Lol. 

I told B that if he continues to improve his behavior that Santa would try & convince his parents to give him his tablet back. 

I told T that I don’t know if she’ll get a hatchimal as they are very popular & I wasn’t sure if the elves had enough supplies to make more. 

We aren’t celebrating Christmas as a family until tomorrow though because my husband has to work all day today. By the time he gets home & we have dinner,  he’s not gonna want to do anything. 

I did go over to my mom & dad’s today & my brother & sister-in-law were there. Totally unexpected, but they got gifts for my kids. They got the 2 older kids pj’s & an outfit & a toy (I didn’t get pictures). They got E the cutest outfit he can wear for church & a fedora hat. I hope we can convince him to wear it. Lol. Plus a bunch of toys. They got spoiled. I got THE BEST gift of all though. My sister-in-law makes THE BEST salsa. My husband & I got a jar of her salsa & chips! Yum!!!

I will post more tomorrow about all of our Christmas festivities. But i hope you all have a very merry Christmas! 


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