Ugh, the Holidays 

I HATE the holidays. They never end up how I want them too. Growing up, we always had family traditions, but now that we’ve moved on with our own families, my husband doesn’t give a crap about the holidays & neither do my parents.

Today we had Thanksgiving at my mom & dads. I can thank my stepdaughter for embarrassing the hell out of me. She decided to pitch a fit since the second she woke up today. I just want a holiday gathering where my family actually shows thanks for what they have & the kids act like decent human beings. I do have to give props to my stepson for having a pretty good attitude today. He had his moments earlier today, but for the most part, he’s been really good.

Come Christmas, if we decide to celebrate (don’t have the money), will be tough. With my husband in law enforcement, he has to work on Christmas Day, so if we celebrate, it’ll be the day after. But usually everybody just opens their presents & then everybody goes their separate ways. I usually don’t even see my brother during the holidays. 

I do have to say that one of the joys of Thanksgiving this year was watching my 9 month old experience it. We gave him some of his own sweet potatos & mashed potatos & he LOVED it  


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