The Excitement Never Ends

A little while ago I was reading a friend’s blog and she gave a link to a pdf document of 365 writing prompts. Today is a fun one. Lol.

September 8 The excitement never ends Tell us about the last thing you got excited about — butterflies-in-the-stomach, giggling, can’t-wait excited.

You really want to know what made me excited & I giggled? It was kind of a menacing giggle, but still…

This school year we are trying something new with my daughter. She’s 14. Up until now she’s given us NO reason to trust her. Well, we didn’t have anybody to pick her up from school, so she walks home and is by herself until I get home from work, around 6 p.m.

Yesterday, while she was home by herself, she ate 5 dinner rolls (that I had told her not to because I was using them for dinner), a piece of cake and a couple of slices of bread. But…if you ask her…she didn’t do it. Oh, and she stuck her gum to a kitchen cabinet too.

I knew she ate the rolls because when we left the house that morning, the bag of rolls was closed. They were now open. I knew she got in to the cake, because there was a knife in the kitchen sink, along with a dessert plate with cake crumbs on it and nobody else in the house has had cake. Crap, my husband CAN’T have the cake because he has Celiac disease. I knew she ate bread too because that morning when we left the house, the bread bag was sealed with a twist tie. When I got home, it wasn’t.

Now…don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind if the kids have a snack, but eating all of that is NOT a snack. And I just ask that they ask us first in case we had the food set aside for dinner/recipe or something. But instead, my daughter would rather get in trouble and lie about it even though there’s plenty of evidence that she did it. So, she went to bed early last night.

Now i’m sure you’re wondering how this all ties in to what I was super excited about. Well, let me tell you…

Today I had the opportunity to leave work early. I didn’t tell her. Lol. Now, I do have to give her props. I asked her to empty the dishwasher before I got home and she couldn’t watch TV until that was done and she did that (she sent me a picture of the empty dishwasher). But, I think it’s rather hilarious that I can catch her in a lie, yet she still denies it & won’t admit it. She’ll lie about it until she’s blue in the face.

She sent me a text asking if she should take the dogs out. I asked her “What do you think?” And she said “yea”. I’ve told her that when she takes the dogs out, she needs to take a picture of the dog outside so I know that she took them out (she’s lied about this in the past). Exactly one minute after she texted me saying yes she should take the dogs out, she sent me a picture of both dogs outside. I know for a FACT, it takes longer than 1 minute to take 2 dogs for a walk around the block. Shortly after she sent me a picture of the dogs, I walked in the house and told her to take the dogs back outside. She tried to tell me she already did, but I just stopped her & said, no excuses were going to work. Magically when she tooks the dogs out a second time, she was gone for about 10 minutes with each dog.

I’ve gotten to the point where most of the time I don’t get mad anymore when she tries to pull stuff like this, but I laugh and then get excited when I can catch her in a lie & there’s nothing she can do to backtrack to get out of it.

I know…I’m a mean mom. Lol.


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