Couch to 5k & Personal Training

Life is just crazy, what can I say? I am finding it easier to find topics to blog about though, so that’s good.

I’ve decided to start a Couch to 5k program. I know I can do a 5k, obviously, because I just did one this last weekend. But I need help getting my speed up and being able to run, without walking, a complete 5k. So, figured I’d try out an app that I found on my phone.

Today was the first day of that workout. HOLY CRAP it seemed hard. It was 1 min running and 90 seconds walking, but for some reason it seemed harder than the 5k I did last Saturday. Weird. I can’t wait to see my progress too.

As some of you probably know, at one time I was going to school to be a personal trainer, but then family got in the way and I’ve never been able to go back.

Well, I posted something on Facebook the other day about how I miss it and I still want to be a personal trainer and one of my old neighbors contacted me and wants me to train her to do a 5k and then a 10k! Cool, huh? So I basically have my first client. It’ll be fun to see how it goes.


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