No More Soda

I’ve got to get serious about my training again. Part of that means eating better. Half of that battle is getting my family on board with that.

Because my husband works graveyards and I have a baby at home that still doesn’t sleep through the night, caffeine is our BEST friend. We usually reach for a can of soda. Well, starting today, no more carbonation for me. I’m putting my foot down.

No soda
No more soda for me.

Instead I will enjoy a hot cup of coffee every morning. So, now that it’s on my blog, I HAVE to do it and be held accountable for it, correct?

Cup of Joe

So, since it’s on my blog, that means I have to stick to it and be held accountable for it, right?

Do you drink soda? What about coffee?


1 thought on “No More Soda”

  1. I quit drinking soda in 2013 and never will go back! It has done wonders for my health! Just recently I started Plexus to take my health a step further and I’m not disappointed there either!

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