Announcement Time

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, this is gonna be old news. If you’re not friends with me on Facebook…well then…


Yup. We are expecting a little one. It’s the first pregnancy for me, it’ll be my husband’s 3rd kid. But, his youngest is 10, almost 11, so it’s kind of like starting over again for him too.

So here are the details we know:

Due Date: Jan 30, 2016
Gender: Don’t know. Won’t know for a little while
How Many Weeks: 10

I’d like to think I’ll be one of those moms that has a weekly update for you, but I’m not sure if that’ll happen or not. I’m too busy working 2 jobs & taking care of my husband’s other 2 kids when he’s not home.

I will say this. So far this has not been fun. Granted, i only had morning sickness for about 2-3 weeks, but those weeks were pure hell. And now morning sickness has been replaced with headaches.

I’m almost done with the first trimester, I’m thinking positive & hoping the 2nd trimester will be slightly easier.


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