Changing My Name

I’m really wanting to change the name of my blog. Especially now that I’m writing more frequently (granted, not as frequently as I’d like). For me, life isn’t just about triathlon any more. Granted, triathlon is still a big part of my life, but my family is an even bigger part of my life. I want my blog name to encompass being a new step mom, my anxiety & depression and still trying to find time to workout and do triathlons and marathons.

I had one friend suggest the name Tri-Fecta, because this blog is about 3 things…training for races, having a family and dealing with depression and anxiety. But…I thought I’d see if anybody else has any name suggestions? And then we can take a vote.


2 thoughts on “Changing My Name”

  1. I think your blog name is fine even with the new topics you blog about. To me being a parent and most especially a step parent you are in fact trying to survive. If you are deadset on changing it then go with whatever you like, but I personally think your current name is very versatile.

    1. Thanks Betsy. I’ve never thought of it like that. I really appreciate it! I think I’ll just leave it the same, I’ll just update my “about” page & stuff like that.

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