Freddie & the Bike Trainer

Yesterday was the first time in God knows how long that I got on the bike trainer.

My bike is named Freddie, after Freddie Mercury. Now that I’m officially in triathlon training again (I’ve got a 70.3 in Sept), it was time to dust off the bike and trainer and get back in the saddle.

I had a couple of hurdles I had to figure out first. My friendly little 4-legged friend, Dobie, doesn’t like the bike trainer. He doesn’t like the noise it makes or anything. Usually I set my bike up in the living room so I have plenty of space and I can watch TV and get some fresh air from the patio door,  but since Dobie doesn’t like the bike trainer, I can’t do that.


Some might say “Just ride the bike in the front room any ways, the dog will get used to it”, but he doesn’t. Lol. He comes and bites your feet so you can’t pedal. It’s funny, but it’s not. I like to think of it as him cheering me on, but it clearly upsets him.

So, I decided that I would clear a teeny, tiny little space in the bedroom and set the bike up in there. It’s facing the television, so I can still watch television to make the time go by faster.

Don't mind the clean laundry on the bed

I got a little frightened because at one point, Dobie made his way back to the bedroom. I didn’t shut the bedroom door otherwise I would have started to feel a little claustrophobic, and I guess the dog woke up from a nap (it’s exhausting being a dog at our house) and heard the bike trainer and came back to investigate. The husband ended up putting up a baby gate at the end of the hall so I could still keep the bedroom door open and the dogs couldn’t get back there to attack my feet while I rode.

I was originally going to get my workout in as soon as I got home, but then the husband got called in to work for some overtime from 1400 hrs to 2000 hrs (2 pm – 8 pm) {Sorry, husband works law enforcement, they go off of military time, which is ingrained in my head now. Lol.}, so I had to cook dinner. Once I finally got kids fed and bathed and dinner cooked and cleaned up, I was finally able to put Freddie on the bike trainer.

I was worried cause the tires were flat as a pancake, and I was REALLY hoping I didn’t have to change the tubes (I suck at that), and thankfully I didn’t have to. I just had to put air in the tires and I was ready to go.

I forgot how monotonous riding the bike trainer can be. Because this was the first time on the bike in quite a while, it was just supposed to be an easy spin. I find that it’s easier on the mind if I have intervals I have to do, etc., you know? But thank goodness, I had Pinterest, television, Facebook, Candy Crush and other things to keep me going.

I forgot how bum numbing riding the bike trainer can be. Yes, I have my tri shorts on that provide a little bit of padding, but it can still get uncomfortable.

I’m excited to be back on the bike though and riding again.

Do you ride the bike trainer? If so, what do you do to pass the time?


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