My Wedding Day

So I’m finally getting around to posting about my wedding day.

To catch you up, my husband & i won a contest on the radio & we were one of 13 couples to get married on 2/13/15 (aka Friday the 13th).

I ended up having to call in sick to work that day because i didn’t have any vacation time yet & unless you have vacation time, they usually don’t let you take time off work, unless you can give them 3 weeks notice.

We took the kids to school for most of the day & went about going some last minute stuff.

R went & got a hair cut & face shave. I went out for a short run. We went & bought some white Keds tennis shoes for me to wear with my dress & then went to get a bite to eat before we walked down the aisle.

We went & picked the kids up & came home to load everything up to head to the venue & we realized that B didn’t have any black socks to go with his tux. There is NO WAY I’m going to let a 10 yr old walk down the aisle in a black tux with white socks. No no no no no!! So we stopped by the Dollar Store & picked him up some black socks.

We got to Trolley Square (a mall in downtown SLC), the venue, and found the area we were going to be in really easy. The DJ’s were already there doing their radio show, so we went upstairs & checked in.

My awesome sister-in-law met us there & did my hair & makeup & T’s hair & makeup. We had an old abandoned restaurant to do that in & then went in to the ladies restroom to get dressed.

We still had time before the ceremony, so we had our photographer take some really cool photos. I’ve yet to see the photos, but that’s because we are waiting for the weather to get better & we are going to have some family pictures taken & more bridal pictures taken too.

But there was a hallway at Trolley Square that kind of had a Tuscan feel to it. I saw the rough draft of a couple of those photos, & the lighting & everything is just so cool. I can’t wait!!

Me & T upstairs at Trolley Square waiting for the ceremony

The wedding had to start EXACTLY on time because it was live, on the radio. So at exactly 6 pm, all the groom’s walked down the aisle. We made sure the kids were involved in the ceremony, so B walked down the aisle with Rob since he was the Best Man & the carrier of the rings.

T walked down the aisle with me. We walked down the elevator & then we had to walk under a ladder (Friday the 13th theme) & then we met up with the groom at our designated spot.


The one thing that i absolutely LOVED was as Mick was marrying us, the first thing he did was he had us all do a minute of silence for any relatives that were unable to be with us. I totally wasn’t expecting it, but i felt my grandma & grandpa’s (on my mom’s side) present with me there. They’ve been passed away for 6 & 10+ yrs now.

Then we proceeded with the vows (i don’t remember them) & then he pronounced us husband & wife & we kissed.

Then to follow the Friday the 13th theme we had to break a mirror & a lady carried a black cat in front of us. But then we ended it all by throwing salt over our shoulders.


The guy over my left shoulder is Mick & he’s the one that married us.

They did have a cake for us. It was to be a small, 2 tiered cake, but the bakery messed up and just made a 2 layer cake. I kept telling Rob that i was going to be nice feeding him the cake if he would be nice himself. I was nice. He wasn’t. It was fun though. All i have to say is payback is a bitch. Lol.




We had a family wedding picture taken too. It was pretty cool.


We were supposed to hang around for our first dance, but they were taking too long, so we hammed around. It was fun.

We had to hurry & leave because we had to get the kids to their mom’s & had to get home go feed our diabetic dog. Lol.

We eventually made it to Keys on Main that night to celebrate with friends, whom most didn’t show up. Sadly we only lasted there about 90 min & then we were so exhausted we went home.

Was this my dream wedding? Not by any means. We are hoping to have a family bbq this summer for my extended family & close friends, but right now we just don’t have the money.


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