What’s Next?

So my main focus the first part of this year was training for the West Mountain Marathon. Well, i finished the race. You can read my last post on how that went.

As that marathon grew closer i wondered what i was going to do next. My gift of coaching was gonna be up & i was no longer going to have a personal trainer. I didn’t have any races planned & don’t really have the money for any races either.

Well, about a month ago, i remembered that last year i was supposed to do a 70.3, but ended up deferring it to this year due to lack of training. So I’m trying to currently get in contact with that race director to find out what wise i need to do so i can participate this year.

Also, while i was running my marathon last weekend i remembered i had another marathon last year that i had to defer due to lack of training. This marathon is in October so i have this race to look forward to as well.

Then, i just found out my husband signed us up for the Dirty Bird Mud Run which is a 10k mud run at one of our ski resorts & it starts out with a 1.5 mile slip-n-slide!!!!

Oh & the icing on the cake? As a wedding present, my coach is going to continue my training through these races for me. Yay me!!!

What’s next for you?


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