Taper Time


I can’t believe it’s taper time for my marathon. My marathon is this coming Saturday the 18th. Training has gone by REALLY fast.

I have mixed feelings about this race. I feel ready, but i feel like i could’ve trained more on hills, & that’s my fault. I did some hill training, but not as much as i would’ve liked. I didn’t realize there were as many hills on this course as there are. Lol.

Right now I’m not nervous for the race & usually by this time i am. I’m sure come race day eve i won’t be able to sleep whatsoever.

One thing I’ve done differently with this training is I’ve listened to music while i run. For my other two marathons, I’ve trained without music because when i do triathlons, if it’s not a Sprint tri, usually the rules prevent you from listening to music on the run. Plus, when ever I’m able to do my full Ironman, you can’t listen to music during that race either. Well, some of my training runs have been so overwhelming, the only way to stay sane has been to listen to music. I plan on listening to music on race day too.

I do have a couple of rituals i plan on still doing before the race. I always eat a big pasta meal the night before & then for breakfast I’ll have a big bowl of oatmeal.

I plan on going in to this race not to beat any records, but to just finish & not finish last.

How do you handle tapering for a race? Do you have any race day eve or race day rituals?


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