Tattoo # 7

Yesterday i got tattoo # 7. This was by far the most painful tattoo I’ve ever gotten. I got a monkey on my left ankle.

I’ve got three tattoos on my back, one on each forearm & one on my right a ankle.

I figured since i had one on my right ankle & it didn’t hurt at all when i got it, then the one on my left ankle wouldn’t be too bad, but in hindsight, my newest one is lower on my ankle than the other one, so there is more bone & less “meat” to cushion the tattoo needle.

During this tattoo i felt super bad because my leg would involuntarily spasm. I don’t know if it was the way i was sitting or if it was because it hurt so bad or what, but holy hell!! My husband actually had to hold my leg down & put a lot of pressure on my leg to help prevent the spasms. My tattoo artist was awesome though. She did a great job.

So here is the finished project:


I LOVE it!!!

What is the most painful tattoo you’ve got?


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