Sunday Runday

This last Sunday was one of my last long runs before i start tapering for my race on 4/18. I needed to run 20 miles.

Last week i finally remembered to look at the race course & i was in for a surprise. You have an overall gain of about 850 ft! The first 10 miles are uphill.  What the hell was i thinking?

I’ve been running some hills during this training, but probably not as much as i should have been.

So, this Sunday for my long run, i decided to run at a local park. This park has quite a few hills to it. Last time i ran these hills was 2 yrs before when i ran a 2:05 1/2 marathon. So, it’s been a day or 2 to say the least.

Wow, was this run tough. The first 3 miles were the toughest. They are the most mentally tough parts of the run for me. To keep my sanity i listened to music on this run. This park also has an outer loop & inner loop. I would switch between the 2 loops to break up the monotony.

After i got through the first 3 miles i was doing ok. I was still running slow, but considering how long it’s been since i ran hills, i was doing ok. Plus i could hear my coach in the back of my head “It doesn’t matter your pace, it matters the time on your feet”.

I was doing really good with fluid intake & nutrition. I thought it was pretty cool that i hadn’t had to pee (this will come back to bite me in the ass). Then mile 16 came & i got super sick & got the dry heaves. It slowed me down even more.

I managed to take another gel & push through to the end of the 20 miles.


Normally when i run i like to go past the goal, even if it’s only by 0.1 miles, but not yesterday.

I got home & the husband had a protein shake ready for me so i downed that & then went & soaked in a hot shower. My. Body. Hurt. Bad.

As i was relaxing before dinner, I’d never felt so sick after a run before in my life. I ate dinner, but i was just still so sick.

Looking back, i think my electrolytes were out of whack. I had been drinking water on the run, but my body wasn’t absorbing it, hence i wasn’t peeing (TMI? Lol)

I just ended up nibbling on food & salty snacks the rest of the night.

Today i feel much better. Except I’m still in a little bit of pain.

This week is a recovery week, so this weekend i only have to run. So i only have to run 1:45. I’m looking forward to it.

Then im sure I’ll have 1 more long run before taper time.

How do you manage to run in the heat?


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