Trying on Dresses

If you read this post, you will know that i got married on Friday the 13th of February this year.

I thought bit by bit I’d do posts leading up to the big day. So this post I’ll talk about my dress.

At first there wasn’t going to be a dress. Rob said he was just going to wear one of his dress shirts & a nice pair of pants & i was going to do the same. Especially since this was all last minute.

Then we were at the mall & Rob saw a nice vest & matching tie that he thought he’d wear. So that sent me on the search for something a little more formal.

We went to Ross Dress For Less because they usually have evening gowns & nice dresses for cheap. I did find a dress there that i liked, but the zipper was stupid, so that didn’t happen.
While i was at work on Saturday, Rob & his son went & rented tuxedos. They were HOT looking. Fuchsia vest & tie with black pants & black shirt. That day they had found a cute dress for his daughter too that was more fitting our color scheme.

I was starting to get discouraged because everybody else had something new to wear & i had nothing.

I decided to make an appointment at David’s Bridal just to try on dresses & have the experience.

So, i checked out kid # 1 from school so she could go with me. I wanted her to be involved in the experience. My mom & dad came (Dad wasn’t invited), my friend Heather & my sister-in-law Lisa came to the appointment with me.

I knew going in to the appointment i wanted an empire waist dress. I knew that would be the most flattering on me. Because of all the weight I’ve lost, i now have a nice muffin top on my belly & that needed to be disguised in my dress.

So here are a couple of the dresses i tried on.


This dress was just a no-go from the beginning. I just didn’t like how it looked at all.


This dress was just as bad. The gather at the side i felt made me look VERY wide & who wants to look wide?


This is the same dress as above, just a different view.


I kind of actually liked this dress. However, it was too busy for me. It had too much going on. Plus, see all the lace up top? That was VERY itchy.


This dress was the same dress that my friend Heather wore when she got married. I liked it & i liked that it was an ivory color, but i wanted a dress of my own.


This dress was a VERY close runner up. I LOVED the simplicity of the dress. I loved the one jeweled pin at the bust & i liked how flowy it was. However, it just didn’t fit right.

I’ve debated showing you the dress i actually picked. But since some wedding pictures were already posted on Facebook i might as well share with you.


This is MY dress & i LOVE it. I love the simplicity of it. I’m a very simple dresser. I don’t like a lot of embellishment. This dress fit to a T. It took me a while to decide on this dress. This was actually the first dress i tried on & at first i wasn’t in love with it. I kept waiting to cry when i found the dress but that just didn’t happen. But it’s the dress that looked the best on me.

Stay tuned for another post soon about the day of & the ceremony.


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