National Pancake Day

I love stupid little holidays like this. I think they’re so fun to celebrate. So when i found out today was National Pancake Day, we changed up the dinner menu & had pancakes for dinner.


I learned to make awesome pancakes from my dad, along with the homemade maple syrup that topped them off.

The only downer about making pancakes is, as you can see from the picture above, i ended up having to use 2 different pans. The griddle SUCKS because it is heated by the burners on the stove. The back 3 pancakes are sitting on the griddle that is heated by a small burner & it doesn’t heat the griddle up enough to cook the pancakes. So, really, the griddle will only cook 2 pancakes at a time. #Lame.

So i switched to a larger skillet we have. It’s not much better, it can only cook 3 pancakes at a time. But it gets the job done.

I wish i could afford an electric skillet. We had one growing up & when my dad would make pancakes, he could make 6 at a time. But, even if i could afford an electric griddle, i have no counter space in my kitchen. I have the world’s smallest kitchen.

Anyways…back to pancakes. I had to call my dad when i made these pancakes because they turned out super fluffy & my dad was complaining the other day that when he makes pancakes they’re not fluffy any more.

With all that being said, i hope everyone had a wonderful National Pancake Day!

Did you celebrate National Pancake Day?


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