Friday the 13th

So maybe one month ago, the boyfriend sent me an email of a link to a contest a local radio station was putting on. The contest was that they were going to marry 13 couples on Friday, February 13th.

I didn’t enter it because i knew the boyfriend was kind of gun shy towards marriage because of his last marriage, which i completely understand.

I did respond to the email though & told him that i think it’d be awesome if he wanted to enter it, but i left it at that.
Fast forward to February 3rd. I was at work & on a potty break & i get a text from him saying “Call me asap”.

So i called him, but told him to keep it brief because i had to get back to work.
Him: You know that contest i emailed you a couple weeks ago?
Me: Uh, no. Which contest?
Him: The marriage one from KBER.
Me: Oh yea…
Him: Well the lady from the radio station just called & we were picked as one of the couples.

My thoughts…HOLY SHIT! We’re getting married in 10 days. I was SO excited. We’ve been together almost 2 yrs & we’ve talked about marriage, but we wanted to wait until the kids were more stable, etc.

The radio station paid for EVERYTHING but the marriage license. They gave us rings, a cake, a bachelor/bachelorette party, photographer, etc.

I was still slightly overwhelmed because my stepson & now husband rented tux’s, but i didn’t have a dress (that’s another post).

So yea…since Friday, February 13, 2015, I’ve been a married gal. So far, married life is the same as before.

Don’t worry. I will post about finding my dress & the ceremony.


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