Spoiled Doggy

I’m writing this post so late because i can’t sleep thanks to a 4-legged friend of mine named Tank.

He’s a VERY spoiled dog. Because he is now blind he has some rough nights every now & then. Tonight is one of those nights.

The hubs & i went to bed between 9:30-9:45 pm. Usually Tank gets up on the bed & lies down with us. Not tonight.

He would just bark & bark. So Rob took him outside to go potty. Usually after potty he’ll come in & go to sleep.

Not tonight. He’d just bark & bark.

So i got up & gave him a little bit of food & then took him potty again. He had to go # 2 REALLY bad. I figured after that he’d definitely come in & crash.

Not tonight. He’d just bark & bark & hide under the kitchen table.

So i decided to come & chill out on the couch & so did he. He FINALLY laid down.



Why can’t he lie down on our bed so i can sleep in my bed with my husband?

If we didn’t live in an apartment, i could easily let him bark. But because we share walls with neighbours i can’t really do that.

Well…i better try & catch a little bit of sleep. Good night!


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