Sunday Runday

So, there’s SO much to catch up on. Especially the details from Friday the 13th (that’s a completely different post). But i thought I’d share with you my Sunday run.

Since I’m training for a marathon that’s only 9 weeks away (eeeeeekkkk!!!), my mileage is definitely increasing. I do my long runs on Sun because i work on Sat.

This week i got to run 15 miles. Lately it seems like when i do out & back runs they tend to get overwhelming. So, i just ran out 15 miles on Sunday. I ended up at Liberty Park & then i had Rob come pick me up.

This week’s run was DRASTICALLY different from last week. Last week, i had to run 13.1 miles. Last week i went in to my run knowing i wasn’t properly nutritioned, but i did it any way. Last week i struggled through 13.1 miles in 2:45:05.


This week i ran 15.2 miles in 2:55:00!! I felt strong the entire time! What a difference nutrition makes. I PRd last week’s distance by 13+ minutes! I could’ve kept running on my run if i needed to i felt that good. My feet did hurt by the time i was done…but i just need to break in my new shoes.


I’m so proud of how much better this weekend’s run went compared to last week!

What is your favorite type of nutrition on your long runs?


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