Busy Tuesday

I’m kind of excited. Today & Sunday was a really weird day for me. They were my first 2 full days off in about a year.


For about the past year I’ve been working two jobs to help support my family. Because of my boyfriend’s line of work, we both decided it would be easier if i got a second job than if he did. And i was ok with that.

For the first little while i was working 2 part time jobs & then in Oct of last year i got a full time job, so i was working my full & part time job. There were weeks i was working between 60-70 hrs a week.

I missed out on A LOT of family activities because i was working two jobs.

A couple months ago i switched my schedule at my part time job so that i was only working between 12-15 hrs a week.

But now, my full time job keeps switching my schedule around & not giving me enough time to tell my other employer before the schedule is out & all that good jazz.

It’s not fair for me to keep going to my part time job & at the last minute trying them i can’t work the day’s they’ve scheduled me because i found out last week that my full time job changed my schedule.

Plus, i think we are at a financial point where we really don’t need that extra money. Will we be sitting comfortably financially? No. But we will make ends meet.

So, now i have every Sun & Tues off. It’s kind of nice to sleep in & not have to worry about another job.


2 thoughts on “Busy Tuesday”

  1. Girl don’t overtax yourself!! I’m sure it helps having someone else in the house to help with expenses. I’ve thought about getting a roommate but I like my privacy 🙂 And when you’re doing what you love it also makes a difference. All about finding a balance. Sounds like you are working towards that.

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