Monkey See, Monkey Do

So for as long as i can remember, a monkey has been my favorite animal. Whenever i go to the zoo, the monkey house is my favorite exhibit to go to.

I don’t know if this dates back to hearing stories from my mom when she worked at a “monkey farm” when she was on the Army or not. She’d always talk about how they got to dress up the baby monkeys & gorillas & they were fun you play with.

Even when we went on vacation last year, when we were at San Diego Safari Park, we got to see a baby gorilla from a distance. It was the CUTEST thing EVER!!!

Well, shortly after Christmas, i get a package from my boyfriend’s mom. His mom is really in to ceramics & she’s SUPER talented when it comes to ceramics. She painted me these monkeys:


How cute are these!!! And she said there are a couple more on the way.

This is a HUGE deal for her to send me ceramics. She’s always told my boyfriend that she’s not going to make ceramics for any of his girlfriend’s any more because when she does, that girlfriend always breaks up with him shortly after. So this is a big deal!!

Do you have a favorite animal?


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