Christmas Past vs Christmas Present

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day are a BIG struggle for me. When i was growing up, and i was a kid, we celebrated big. Now, i realize that families grow, etc., but it’s gotten to the point where we don’t do hardly anything for Christmas. Some people think i tend to over exaggerate, but let me show you some examples.

Christmas Past
When i was a kid, all the way up in to my teens, on Christmas Eve, we would go up to my grandma & grandpa’s house & meet up with my 2 aunt’s, my uncle & my 4 cousins and have a big dinner, do a gift exchange, then go home, go to bed. Come Christmas Day, me & my brother would wake up, we would open presents as a family, have our traditional breakfast of yogurt & pastries & then wait for my grandma & grandpa to come down & we’d open the gifts we got them & vice versa. After they left, we would clean up, then pack a picnic lunch of turkey sandwiches, chips, potato salad, etc & drive up to Park City (where Sundance Film Festival is) & have a picnic in our car while watching people ski down the mountain. We’d walk down Old Main Street & then go “hunting” for golf balls down a stream & pond that was next to a golf course.

We would always take one, or a couple of nights during the season & drive around the Salt Lake Valley & see Christmas lights. I’d always make a point to go to Temple Square & see the lights there too.

Now with all that being said, i know that all of my cousins & my brother have a family of their own now & i don’t expect us all to meet up at my grandma & grandpa’s for a big dinner. That’s just not practical.

Christmas Present
So now…this is how Christmas is now. Last year, the boyfriend & i didn’t put up a tree only because we didn’t have room in our itty bitty 1 bedroom apartment. This year we didn’t put up a tree because the kids kept misbehaving. Well & i really think the boyfriend doesn’t care whether we have a tree. He’s not big on holidays. So…Christmas Eve i had to work until 6 pm. Came home & everyone was in a craptastic mood. Kid #2 was already in bed because he wasn’t feeling good. I was hoping we could go drive around & look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve because it was Christmas Eve, but because kid #2 had already gone to bed, that wasn’t gonna happen.

We didn’t have a lot of food in the house, so we had chicken chunks & ravioli. I stayed up late & wrapped presents, but since we didn’t have a tree to put them under, i just had to arrange them on the couch.

Finally got to bed & then got the kids up at 8:30 a.m. to open presents & kid # 2 was being ornery. Great. Awesome way to start Christmas (sarcasm).

It took about 5 min to open presents (we had a lean Christmas this year due to money) & then everybody did their own thing.

We took kid # 1 & 2 to their mom’s for 3 hrs & the boyfriend & i just sat around & relaxed.

After we picked the kids up from their mom’s, we went up to my mom & dads for a few min to exchange gifts, but i didn’t get to see much because then Tank (our blind minpin) decided he needed to go potty. I ate a few pieces of fudge & nagadoches while i was there & had some potato salad & then we left.
Now, with all that being said, I’m not asking for a whole lot on Christmas or during the season, but I’ve always dreamed of having the “All American Christmas”. Having a BIG family dinner, having fun traditions, etc. A lot of people have told me to start it up myself, but it’s hard to do when nobody else is willing.

Maybe one year it’ll happen.

How was your Christmas? Do you have any fun family traditions? You should Google “SLC Temple Square at Christmas” & see how beautiful it is if you’ve never seen it.


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