I love when my community comes together to help everyone out.

There is a little boy in the SLC area named Ethan. He’s 4 yrs old. He has leukemia & it has gotten to the stage where it can no longer be treated. The doctors have given him 2-3 weeks before he passes.

You might have seen it on Good Morning America, etc.

Since Ethan isn’t going to make it through the holidays, his family has been doing what they can to give him the holidays before he leaves.

Earlier this week they celebrated Ethan’s birthday. Another day they celebrated Halloween for him. Last night (Fri) was Christmas Eve.

We have a local radio station that come Nov 1, all they play is Christmas music. Tonight was an exception. Tonight they played non-stop Christmas music from 5 pm to 8 pm. Yes, it’s Oct 24, but for Ethan it’s Dec 24th. Yes, my family & i listened & sang along to Christmas music.

While we were listening to the music, i was trying to explain to my daughter what leukemia was & why we were listening to Christmas music before Halloween. Her response was “That’s so sad. I hope he gets better.” It broke my heart that i had to tell her he won’t.

To make it more like Christmas for Ethan, his entire neighborhood put their Christmas lights up early & turned them on.

Nobody should ever have to lose a child so young. Cancer is an evil, evil, disease.
I’m so happy we live in such a tight knit community that we could all come together for something like this.

Merry Christmas Ethan!!!


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