Mooch & Crackerjack

Yesterday i had to do a REALLY hard thing. I said good bye to my guinea pigs.

As a kid, it was always my dream to have a pet guinea pig. A year ago, the dream came true.

Since i started dating Rob, and basically living with him in the summer of 2013, he let me get guinea pigs. We first got Mooch. He was just a baby & was ready to leave his mom. Then about 6 weeks later we got Cracker. Guinea pigs are very social animals & do better when there is more than 1 in a group.

We got a big cage for them & we got to know them & their cute personalities.

Well, with all the changes that have come this year, Rob & i had decided that we just had TOO MANY animals. Plus, with my work situation, we couldn’t really afford them any more.

About 2 1/2 weeks ago, i had put an ad on our local internet classifieds section for our ferrets & guinea pigs. The ferrets went fast, but i never heard anything about the guinea pigs.

Wednesday night i got a text that someone was interested in the guinea pigs. I didn’t think much about it.

The day that the girl came to get the guinea pigs, i literally fell apart. I’m not one to just get rid of animals. Usually when i get an animal, i plan on keeping them their entire life span. But, with life how it is, we just can’t afford the guinea pigs.

I know this is gonna sound silly, but as the girl was loading them & their cage in to the car, i just felt so bad because the guinea pigs didn’t know what was going on. They didn’t know where they were going. I’m not sure their brains have the capacity to think like that, but that’s what my brain was thinking.

After the gal drove away, i came back in the house & just fell apart & cried & cried.

I know i needed to give them to a better home. I know this gal is gonna love them & take good care of them, but I’m still going to miss them. I’m gonna miss their squeeks when i ride my bike trainer (i imagined they were cheering me on). I’m gonna miss seeing them go crazy over baby carrots. I’m going to miss them squeeking at me when i go to open the fridge (they were hoping to get carrots).

I’m just going to miss them.



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