Body Image

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my boyfriend (we live together) got custody of his 2 kids earlier this year. His daughter just turned 12 & his son is almost 10.

It’s taken me a long time to write this post, because I’m not sure exactly how i want to say what i want to say.

It hasn’t been happening a lot lately, but towards the end of the last school year, my boyfriend & i would catch his daughter saying a couple of times “i need to lose weight”, or we’d be in the grocery store & she’d point out weight loss supplements.

First I’d get a little offended & still do because I’ve worked damn hard to lose my 114 lbs. I know it looks like i could still lose a little weight, & i probably could, but I’m fit, & I’m ALOT healthier than i was 114 lbs ago.

Now…for my boyfriend’s daughter…this kind of put up red flags for me. Why? Because she’s skinny. She’s TOO skinny. She’s one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever known. When i was 12, i was a picky eater, but nothing like this.

There are some meals where she’ll barely touch what’s on her plate & then say I’m full.

She has gotten better, but she’s still got a lot of room to go.

It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the kids at her school have an influence on her. She goes to a middle school where a lot of the kids are more financially well off than we are. For example, last school year, she came home from school wearing dollar store makeup. Now…don’t get me wrong, i think makeup has a time & a place, but her dad & i agreed that 6th grade wasn’t the right place. She tried to pass it off as a black eye, but I’m not that dumb. Lol. I tried all the tricks in the book when i was her age. This is one of many reasons, i think she’s letting her peers have too much influence on her. I’ll even catch her trying to strut down the sidewalk, etc.

As a triathlete, I’m trying to instill in her that exercise can be fun. That she needs to be a strong woman, not necessarily physically, but emotionally, mentally, etc. And with everything she’s been through this past year, from my personal experience, exercise would benefit her. But…you can’t convince her of that.

I just hope she grows in to the strong woman i know she has the potential to be, & i will do everything in my power to help her get there, because her mom sure isn’t.

Here are a couple of my favorite inspirational quotes on this topic (thanks to the SBM Army for assisting):





Do you have any thoughts on this particular topic?


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