My Grandma & Vons

I was scrolling through my list of things I wanted to blog about & came across this topic I’d totally forgotten about.

Last month my family & I went on vacation to San Diego (one day I’ll get around to that recap). Right next door to our hotel was a Vons grocery store.

Up in Utah we don’t have this chain of grocery store, but I’m familiar with it because my grandma lived in Las Vegas & it was one of her favorite grocery stores. It was one of the closest stores to her house too. My uncle worked for Vons too.

Any ways…I went through the store, got what I needed & headed to the check out. Just like every other grocery store now, they asked if I had one of their preferred customer cards so I could get the sale prices & get points for fuel or whatever.

I explained to the cashier that I was from out of town & we don’t have Vons in Utah. I explained that my grandma used to shop at Vons all the time & she might have a card. So…I gave him my grandma’s phone #. She didn’t have any points, but she did have an acct.

The funny thing about this whole story…my grandma passed away 7 yrs ago & hasn’t had that phone # for 9 yrs.

It just made me laugh because now she does have points on that acct & I’m sure she’s up in heaven just laughing at me & my antics.

God, I miss her & my grandpa.


Are your grandparents still alive? Do you have a good relationship with them?


1 thought on “My Grandma & Vons”

  1. My grandmother just died and because of our language barrier (I don’t speak Serbian and she didn’t speak English), I never really got to know her. I wish I did.
    Which is why i started my blog. I don’t want people to realise this too late.
    I know it says ‘Australia’ but I just want people to share stories about their grandparents so if you have anything you’d like to contribute, I’d really love it if you got in touch 🙂

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