My Favourite Gym

The other day I had the chance to go back to my old stomping grounds & go swimming at the gym where I started my triathlon journey.

It was like a blast from the past. I’ve decided this is my favorite gym. I’ve gone to 4 or 5 local rec centers & this is definitely the nicest.

They’ve got an AWESOME weight room. They’ve got equipment that most rec centers don’t (glute press) & they’ve got a HUGE hallway that you can do a BILLION lunges in & not have to worry about turning around because you’ve run out of room.

There’s something different about their pool too. The water seemed clearer. I think the actual pool is made with a different material too. The water is FREEZING though.

I don’t know if it’s because I felt like I had a “home field” advantage or what, but when I went swimming there the other day, it was my fastest swim in a loooooong time. I felt awesome.

I wish I could go swimming there more often, but it’s about 30 min away from where I live now.

Granted this gym does have it’s downfalls, but every gym does. This gym…depending on the night you go…there are a TON of meat head weight lifters in the weight area. Plus if you go swimming at the wrong time…you have to fight for a swim lane between 3 high schools that use the pool as their practice pool.

Do you have a favorite gym?


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