Back to School

So the kids started school this week. I find it SO odd that school started on a Wednesday. When I went to school, it always started on a Monday. But…whatever.

I’m really hoping this year is better for the kids than last year. Last year, .  they switched schools 1/2 way through the year & T switched school format. At her old school 6th grade was considered elementary school, but when they switched schools, her knew school was 6th grade is middle school & you have 7 different classes a day. It definitely took her some getting used to.

Last year we also took both kids off their ADHD meds. So that was a struggle for them too. But, within the last month, they’ve both gone back on their meds.

I’ve made a deal with both kids that for each “A” they get each term, they’ll get $2 & on their final report card of the year, for each “A” they get, I’ll give them $5. That might not sound like a lot of money, but it’s all I can afford & for 2 kids who have never been taught the value of money, or have never been given an allowance, that’s a lot of money.

So…here’s to another school year.


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