My Back

It’s currently 3:48 a.m. on Saturday & I’m wide awake in pain.

A week ago I did the Hit & Run 5k & I think I screwed up my back on one of the obstacles. It was the 2nd to last obstacle. You had to climb up these stairs & then jump off a platform & try & land on this giant blue ball.

Well, because we all know I have THE WORST coordination in the world…Lol…I clearly didn’t land on the ball. I bounced off the ball & did some type of somersault mid air & then came down & landed funny.

It hurt a little bit when it happened but I got up & kept going & didn’t notice the pain.

A couple days later is when it started to hurt again & it hasn’t stopped.

I’ve been putting heat on it & I’ve been using Icy Hot stuff too. Yesterday it didn’t feel too bad, so I went for a short run. Bad move on my part.

It’s been hurting ever since.

I can’t afford to go to the Dr (no health insurance), so I guess we just have to ride this storm.

I’ve got a 5k this morning with the boyfriend & I’m sure we’ll take it easy…but after that in guessing no running until back is better *sigh*.


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