Would You Rather

Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday

I thought I’d start the weekend off with this post idea that I got from this girl!

-Read on a Kobo or paperback book? Paperback book.

-Go to a play or a musical? Musical.

-Go to a theater or a movie? Movie.

-Hike or bike? Can I pick both?

-Wear jeans or chinos? Definitely jeans.

-Have a margarita or pina colada? Haven’t had a margarita in a looong time. Sounds delicious!

-Crash with friends or stay in a hotel? I like the luxuriousness of staying in a hotel.

-Visit Europe or Mexico? Europe. One day I’ll make it there.

-Visit Hawaii or Alaska, and why? Hawaii. Specifically, Kona. I want to see the Ironman World Championships.

-Go skiing or snowshoeing? I attempted to ski once and it didn’t work. I’m not that coordinated. So…I’ll pick snowshoeing.

-Travel by plane, train, automobile? Plane. You get there faster.

-Enjoy a houseboat or a speedboat? I feel the need for speed!

-Go climbing or zip lining? Ziplining.

-Go to a comedy club or dance club? I love a good laugh!

-Have a night out or evening in? Hmmm…depends.

-Watch tv or read a book? Watch TV.

-Go canoeing or waterskiing? I’m not coordinated enough to waterski.

-Camp in an RV or stay in a tent? I’m getting too old to camp in a tent. Last time I did I threw my back out. Lol.

-Facebook or Twitter? I have both but am on Facebook more.

-Choose a free trip or money? Depends on where the trip is. I guess I’d have to say money.

-Win the lottery or find your perfect job? Perfect job.

-Swim in a pool or the ocean? Pool.

-Travel by boat or cruise ship? Cruise ship.

-Watch sports or play sports? Play sports. Defnitely.

-Play dodgeball or kickball? I don’t have cat-like reflexes, so I suck at dodgeball.


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