Living Out of State

One of the dreams I’ve always had is to live out of state. I’ve always thought it would be a fun adventure.

When we were on vacation in San Diego, it got me thinking of all of my friends that I grew up with that now live out of state. I’ve got a friend in Arizona, I’ve got a friend in San Diego, I’ve got a friend moving to Denver, I’ve got a couple of friends in Texas too. I’ve got a friend in Portland. To be honest…I’m rather jealous.

I’ve attempted to move out of state a couple of times. I was offered a job in Boise, ID and Anchorage, AK when I worked for Fred Meyer, but things just fell through that I wasn’t able to afford to actually make the move. When I worked for jcpenney, there were MANY times I contemplated trying to get a job in their home office in Dallas, TX, but something just told me no, so I didn’t do it. I’ve tried moving to Las Vegas too. I’ve got family there and I think it’s a fun city, but things have always just fallen through.

Sadlly, I don’t think this dream will ever come true. With where my life is now, if I were to move out of state, I’d have to uproot my entire family and I can’t do that.

But, I’ve always thought it would be fun to get to know a new city/state and how it would be to live there. I guess I’ll just settle for a new area of Salt Lake City. When I started living with my boyfriend, I’m now living in an area of Salt Lake City I’ve never lived in before. In a way it’s like new, but in a way, not.

I’ll tell you this though…the boyfriend and I are looking at getting in to a house after the first of the year. My parents have told us about houses that are out by them. I SO don’t want to move back to the area I grew up in. I just want to move to an area where nobody knows me, you know?

Do you still live in the same area you grew up in? Have you lived out of state before?


4 thoughts on “Living Out of State”

  1. I haven’t moved out of state but I live in a completely different part of the start than I used to. And I have lived in other parts as well. I have also traveled a lot which lets me see other parts of the country without actually moving. All I can say is hang on to that dream Ara, kids grow up and out of the house eventually!

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