Hit & Run 5k

Today, the boyfriend and I did the Hit & Run 5k. It was the boyfriend’s first 5k ever! Have you ever seen the TV show Wipeout? It was JUST LIKE THAT! There were 5 obstacles and you ran 3.1 miles (really 2.8 miles) while going through each obstacle.

It was a lot of fun, but it was TOUGH!!! The very first obstacle you came to was a balance beam, with pillars hanging down…but there was soap suds and water being sprayed on you the WHOLE TIME! Needless to say, I slipped & when down the side of the obstacle, laughing the whole way! The BF got almost all the way across the balance beam, then slipped.

My silly face at the starting line!
My silly face at the starting line!

The next obstacle was dodge ball! That was just cray cray!! Both the BF and I climbed up the stairs, I got beaned by a couple of dodgeballs & a bunch of the doors opened on me too. It didn’t take much to knock me off the little beam that we had to walk across.

2014 Hit & Run 5K 0072014 Hit & Run 5K 0082014 Hit & Run 5K 010

In between this last obstacle and the next obstacle I’m about to show you, you ran about 1 mile on a trail nearby. I felt bad because I really wanted to run, but the BF was struggling. His allergies were getting the best of him and his quads were just killing him. But we made it and we stuck together. 🙂

The next obstacle was TOUGH!!! I don’t remember what it’s called. But here…just see for yourself. My dad told me that a girl that wasn’t too far ahead of us had to be carried out of this obstacle because she screwed up her knee. 😦

2014 Hit & Run 5K 0122014 Hit & Run 5K 0132014 Hit & Run 5K 017

Next up were the big blue balls! They were ridiculous!!! I knew I wouldn’t make it far on this obstacle. You had to go up stairs, then jump off on to a big blue ball and try & hop from ball to ball. There were 3 total. There weren’t very many people that were successful. Lol.

2014 Hit & Run 5K 023

Off to the last obstacle! You had to run across a balance beam and try & dodge big red balls! If you got knocked off, you went in to 3 feet of water. The BF and I got a couple of feet on to the balance beam and then both fell in the water. We were SOAKED!!!

2014 Hit & Run 5K 0262014 Hit & Run 5K 0272014 Hit & Run 5K 028

Then, finally you had to run maybe 50 yds to the finish line! Yay! We did it!!

2014 Hit & Run 5K 031

I am SO proud of the BF for sticking it through this 5k! I know there were times he wanted to call it quits, but he kept going!!!

Would I do this race again? You betcha!


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