Things People Say

This last weekend, in a period of 2 days, I was asked TWICE if I was pregnant. For the record…the answer is NO!!! I find it interesting though that this question was asked at this particular time, because Rob and I have talked about having a kid together, but we’re just not sure. We had a more in depth conversation about it this last weekend than we’ve had before.

It makes me feel self conscious when these two people asked me this. I’m sure I’ve gained a little bit of weight lately because I just haven’t had time to workout (I have 2 jobs, 2 kids {the boyfriend’s} that need special attention, plus I’m trying/attempting to train for a 70.3).

Also…due to my weight loss, I have a decent sized muffin top. There are some shirts & dresses that no matter what I wear, it’s just not flattering on me.

I wonder if I’ve really gained THAT much weight that it looks more noticeable than it did before. When I was a big girl, I was asked once if I was pregnant, and honestly, I can kind of understand that because I was SO obese, it did kind of look like I did. But, I haven’t been asked since I lost weight if I was pregnant or not. It kind of struck a chord with me, ya know?

Sorry…just a little rant.


2 thoughts on “Things People Say”

  1. People are ridiculous. Today while I was getting a pedicure the woman asked me what I was doing for the 4th. I told her it was my bday. That led to asking how old I will be and if I am married. When she found out I wasn’t she seemed sad for me. lol I then I told her I was once but got a divorce. She seemed sad for me again. She asked if I had any kids and when I told her about B she said he can keep me company. lol It was a very awkward conversation.

  2. I’ve been asked if I was pregnant a bunch lately. It’s frustrating, because I’m not, and all my weight gain has been in the middle.

    I took advantage of it though on the airplane when I lady asked me when I was due and then let me cut in front of her in security. I figure if she is going to ask me an insensitive question I can bud her in line. Fair’s fair right?

    (She may have been shocked later when she saw me drinking booze on the plane…. oops)

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