6 Miles on Saturday

This last Saturday was my first long run in a while. Now, some might think that 6 miles isn’t a long run, but I haven’t run that far in probably 6 months.

I was really nervous going in to the run. B had a football game on Saturday, so prior to his game, I decided to see how far it was from where his game was at to home, and it was 5 miles. I was happy to see that. I decided I’d run home from his game to get my run in and to change the scenery up a little bit.

I tried not to over-think the run because I knew if I did, I’d be in trouble. Anxiety would rise and it just wouldn’t be fun.

I started out pretty well. There were a couple of slight uphills, but nothing too major. While I was running, my whole goal was to make it to the next stoplight without stopping to walk.

I was a little concerned because it was a pretty warm day. It was up in the high 80s that morning. I kept communicating with the boyfriend via text throughout the run in case I needed anything etc.

I was able to make it to mile 4 without having to refill my water bottle, and then I stopped in at a grocery store & made a potty stop & refilled my water.

Right after the grocery store stop, there is a pretty significant hill that sucks that I had to run up. That’s the first time I had to stop to walk. After that, my energy was just depleeting. I was getting tired, and my pace was just slowing drastically.

When I got to my stop at the grocery store, my average pace was about a 9:45 pace. I was pleased. I was actually quite surprised because with this being my first long run, I didn’t expect that. I was hoping to keep that pace the entire time, but then I hit my “wall” that I mentioned above.

Overall, I ran 6.05 miles at a 10:01 pace. I’m not disappointed at all. I’m actually pretty pleased with the pace, especially considering this is my first long run in a while.

Now…to build up the rest of my mileage to get ready for my 70.3!

How far did you run this weekend?


5 thoughts on “6 Miles on Saturday”

  1. Congrats! I have a concussion so I’m not really running anywhere at all right now. I did do three miles of a “walk at home” program so that was good! I’m doing my best (that’s all we can ever do really)

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